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Blue Coral Self Dry spot free car wash

Nov 4, 2000
Scottsville, Kentucky
08 Jetstream Blue Z51 coupe
Anybody ever use it? I got a sample size in a gift bag today at the car show. No towel drying, spot free, it says on the bottle. sounds too good to be true.
Did it work?

Hey there Dale..

Did you try the car wash yet? I just ran out of mine and was wondering if it works. I can't image anything to be towelfree and spotfree, but what a timesaver it would be if it is!

Try it on something other then your Vette, just in case... :)

Blue Coral

I haven't seen Blue Coral in years. I used Blue Coral on my 1969 Firebird (in 1969). It is or was a two stage wax polish and took almost a complete day to use. The results were great. Blue Coral was the car care product of choice back in the 60's and 70's.

Don't know anything about their wash product :D, and I haven't used their car care products since ... well for a LONG time. :J

What Now??

Hey BudD .. I was just wonderin' ... What would be the "car care product of choice" now??
Re: What Now??

Tanzanite3 said:
Hey BudD .. I was just wonderin' ... What would be the "car care product of choice" now??

Can I have 3 guess's???

Most of the Corvette circles I've been around the talk is usually about Zanio, McGuires and Zymol. Most C5 owners I know use Zanio..

Tanzanite3, if you knew me better you would know that I am honest to a fault, and I DO NOT lower myself with such pettyness or personal attacks.

car wash

yup, used it. it works. i drive about 15000 miles a year in a repainted 79. wash it once a week wax it once a month, with some cheap wax as i dry it, so i dry it with the wax then redry it(wipe off the wax). the washing does not get dried and it dries spot free.

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