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Bose Amp Replacement Advice



I'm sure that this is a common topic. I have the Bose Gold Series radio with the typical blown Bose amps (3 out of 4). :bang

I'd like to keep the original Delco head unit to keep the original look, but I think that replacing the Bose amps is excessive and dumb, since they will just go out again. I'd prefer to go with an aftermarket amp, and possibly hook that up to the original speakers, which are OK. Any advice on this approach? :confused

Thanks in advance.
In MY92 I lost 1 rear amp. You need to replace them in pairs if you decide to go that way. Best price I've seen is $75/amp. They're not that hard to replace. Mine lasted 8yrs...

You will have to tear apart your wiring from the radio to feed the amp and then rewire the speakers to bypass the built-in amp. Sounds like a lot of work. I'd consider replacing the speaker too.

In the 84 I had we just replaced everything. The factory unit isn't that great compared to what you can get today. But it sure didn't look original. We pulled the speakers out of the boxes and put the new ones inplace but used existing wiring, enclosures, grills.

Understand your frustration. I had my rear go last year. The best deal I found was Corvette Central for $199 a pair for the complete speaker assembly. Note that the amps were upgraded with more heat tolerant capacitors in 94 and the Corvette Central units have these upgraded amps. Also, there are instructions out there on how to fix the amps. If you are electrically handy, it is a matter of chaning all the capacitors with more heat tolerant ones. I found my amps were bedded with urethane so that getting to the circuit board was near impossible, hence I replaced them. I have to admit that I am not particularly fond of the Bose unit. I have been toying with the idea of replacing it but leaving the guts of the system in place such that it could be easily re-installed later if I sell the car.
Bose Amp Replacement

I'm currently in the middle of an entire system re-do as well. It all started with my attempting to put a simple aftermarket cd player in the car. I went through 2 scoshe converters, and am currently attempting to use a soundgate converter. The soundgate is substantially better, but still crackles a bit. So, I'm now pulling the entire system out, and going with a new aftermarket amp, new speakers, and the cd head unit. It is a pain, since plates to hold the speakers have to be fabricated once the enclosures are taken out. I'm hoping it will be worth all of the work when I'm done.

I had considered wiring an aftermarket amp to the Bose speakers by by-passing the built in amps. But as has already been discussed, re-wiring the speakers would be a lot of work. Also, I have been told that the Bose speakers are not really all that adept at handling the significantly higher power of a quality amp. Finally, the Bose only has 4 4inch drivers in the system. I'd like a bit more oomph.

If anyone is interested, I'll be selling my entire Bose system (4 speakers/amps/enclosures, and the head unit) in the very near future. Email me if you have any interest at wade.kish@co.mille-lacs.mn.us

Good Luck!
I would go along with those advising caution..

Several people do inexpensive exchanges or repairs (United Radio in NY does exchanges in a week), and they are upgraded and reliable.

The thing that is unusual about the Bose (Gold or otherwise) is that the actual FM and peamp section is in a seperate "receiver box" located below the glove compartmant. The "control box" which is where the controls and readouts is an integral part of this item. The two work together, so to change to aftermarket, you have to replace both.

In the Gold system, the amps are remote located at the speakers. The advantage of this is that the amps are tuned for the speakers and the car (coupe different from convert), so even thoufg the Bose quality is not the best, if the system is operating correctly, it takes a VERY good system to sound better. And that can be done. But it's not easy in a Corvette.

I had a bad amp in the right front which I replace with United Radio (they do one at a time if you wish), and I just replaced the receiver box yesterday. That was so hard to do that, frankly, if the problem is in the amps/speakers, I would not even consider aftermarket.

Hope this helps.
Just one comment on replacing 1 speaker amp at a time. I tried that on the rear of my92. Keep in mind it still had all original parts. I replaced 1 and then it overpowered the other one significantly. So I got another amp and did the other speaker. Big difference! Also. The amp lasted 8yrs so that isn't really that bad.
I won't argue that Bose is overpriced...
Good point VMS, and in addition, the rears may be different from the fronts in the way they interact. That's where the deep bass comes from, for example.

And BTW, now that mine is completely fixed, I have to eat a bit of crow and say it sounds pretty good. On some posts I made a few months ago, I said I didn't think it was possible. But I am very happy with it now.
Bose Repair

Doctor Don's is Highly Reliable and has Repaired Hundreds of these Bose Amps with no Problems or Failures..
Check Out the Dealer Shop Reviews Forum for Feedback !!!!!

At Doctor Don's, we work hard to Insure that all Customers Get The Lowest Cost With the Highest Level of Quality.
Re: Bose Repair

Turbo 1 said:
What kind of a person would insult a Company He Does'nt Even Know or have Experience with ??????
Well anyway, Don't believe everything you hear or read.
Remember opinions are like >>>>>, well you know,
Everybodies got one !!!

Turbo 1, I'm just curious, what made you take offense? I can't see anybody bad-mouthing anything. :confused
ArtZR1991 said:
And BTW, now that mine is completely fixed, I have to eat a bit of crow and say it sounds pretty good. On some posts I made a few months ago, I said I didn't think it was possible. But I am very happy with it now.

Sounds like a retraction to me. :confused
Turbo 1,

I don't think Art is personally attacking your quality of work or Doctor Don's. I think in this day and age, more and more people tend to live by the creedo of "you get what you pay for" because so many people in the past have been burned in so many different ways by taking the cheaper way out. That is not to say that taking the cheaper way out will lead to destruction or poor quality of work.

Although maybe Art didn't word his post correctly, he did what anyone else would do and that is to advise caution before proceeding. I didn't see this as a personal attack against you or Doctor Don's. Your quality of work is well proven in the posts seen in the Dealer and Shop Reviews forum and the Community members that can attest to your quality of work are very happy and speak kudos for Doctor Don's.

Hopefully the project that I'll be rolling out soon will alleviate any further skirmishes such as this.

So....can we please all try to get along now? :)
Actually, Turbo, you should have e mailed me before getting yourself into such a lather.

If you have ever seen my posts, they are generally positive, and I specifically would not comment on your business. I am in the A/V business myself.

The quote repeated that I "advised caution" was a reference to the origonal topic and some aftermarket suggestions.... I was advising against aftermarket conversions for all the reasons I carefully explained. The comment "several people", obviously made reference to the fact that there were sources other than United radio... Like You.

I won't apologize, but I will accept a thanks for plugging your business by advising that people repair their Bose equipment.


Furthermore, though I have had an account with United Radio for years, and done a lot of business with them, I purposely left out their contact info because of your post. After all, you are two things that are good: 1) an independant businesman (like me), and 2) a forum member.


Please next time read carefully, and if a post appears unclear, assume the positive.

In my particular case, if ever in doubt, just e mail.


I stand Corrected and Lathered !!!
P.S. OK Thanks !!!!
Doctor Don's is commited to Corvette Lovers !!!!
Thanks to Big Rob for the Plug also !!!!
Overworked !!
ArtZR1991 said:
Good point VMS, and in addition, the rears may be different from the fronts in the way they interact. That's where the deep bass comes from, for example.

Art...just got a chuckle since we've felt the Bose system has virtually NO bass...let alone "deep" :)
Turbo, Thanks

Corvette84, see I always post nice stuff.....
Is the food fight over??!!!!

So Turbo.. here's a question for you.

I moon light out of a wrecking yard.. and am in need of a place where I can purchase just the CD mechanism ( or exchange ) for a bunch of Delco head units 90-thru 96
The typical problem is impact dammage to the CD transport. So can you help me?

BTW The Dr. Web site states $65.00 for an AMP repair which is STILL a great deal.

We can probably take care of your CD Mechanisms for a Flat rate Charge. Just need to see a few to judge repair cost or exchange fee. Email me to set something up.

Yes unfortunately we had to recently increase our cost on Amplifier Repair do to parts costs.
Thanks for the Inquiry.
Sorry for the late reply!!!!!

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