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Brake, ASR & ABS Warning Lights



Back Again.

Since my visit spending $1,300 down here in good old San Antonio, to fix an oil leak that still leaks, the Brake, ASR and ABS Warning lights come on after a couple minutes or running time, and stay on. Car stops fine but warning lights, especially brake warning lights, make me a bit nervous.

I couldn't find (I may not be very bright) any information on these sending units (if that's the case) in the Haynes repair manual. I don't mind spending money to have a competent mechanic work on this problem, but I'm getting shy about looking for an honest mechanic in San Antonio.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Dale :confused :mad
ASR and ABS Light

Dale, I have experienced the same message on my '93, and once I added addtional brake fluid to the master cylinder, the light disappeared. This has happened only twice in a number of years, but the addition of brake fluid helped on both occasions. Hope this helps.

Dale....check out Performance Restoration...599-8377. Gary Young and his brother are superb vette mechanics...and run a great shop. They're a little on the pricey side...but you won't find any better vette mechanics than these guys. Tell 'em gary grandstaff recommended them to you.

Dale, I'm not Gary...he's a guy who works across the hall from me...told me about them. Gary's had 4-5 vettes...swears by these guys. I'm going to have them do some work for me here in a couple of weeks or so. Worthey
Thanks for the idea Ron.

I'll try it first thing in the morning. I thought the master cylinder was above the full level, but I guess there could be an internal leak. I do appreciate the reply.

Newbie. BE VERY CAREFUL with those folks. They are the ones who took my $1,300+ and never fixed the problem (simple oil leak) and ever since I left their facility, I've had this brake warning light problem. I'm glad your friends have been happy with them, but they'll never touch my Vette again.

I do appreciate you taking the time to pass on the thought. It is the thought that counts.

All the Best!

Reading the error codes

CCM error polling ( Repost )

This will give you a start on where the problem is.

If your ALDL connector looks like this, you can proceed,If not ( more pins than this 16 I believe for ODB II) STOP!

This is for ODB style 1


I think 94 was the first year of ODB 2

But..My Actron scanner states it will check up to a 95.. which I have not done personally

If your looks like the above..proceed

You can pole the CCM and get ALL the error codes for the CCM system


To read the CCM

Key Off
Have pen & paper ready
Jump pins a & g in tha ALDL connector paperclip will do (Top left A bottom right G)

turn key on
This will start the Auto diag of the CCM
The numbers where the speedo lives will give you codes eg C 51 or H 51
(the C means current H means History)
and below there will be another number
( eg 1.1, 2.1 etc)
These will tell you the MODULE at fault.

Write this info down
Repeat as needed
To exit
Key off
Remove the jumper

Post results here!

OH you want MORE info.. head not exploding yet...

Find this post

90-94 dash diag's ( Error Codes & U )

By yours truly.....

dale...sure we're talking about the right bunch?? I've heard nothing but great stuff about these guys. They've been in business here for several years....got great BBB reviews....etc.

BTW, how could they get $1,300 of your hard earned...and you still have an oil leak? What work did they do that would result in that size of bill?
you can still do an onboard diagnostic even with a 94 to 96 but instead of jumping A to G like the 90 to 93 you have to do 4 to 12 with 4 being the forth from the left on top and 12 right under it you can use a thin paper clip to jump the two terminals. Then turn the key with out starting the engine and watch the speedo you will be able to read codes there 1.1 is CCM, 4.1 is ECM(PCM) 9.1 is ABS/ASR a code 83 is low brake fluid only 96 are you unable to get ECM(PCM) codes because it's OBDII, 94 and 95 are OBDI systems with a OBDII 16 pin ALDL connector.

David Fulcher
You folks are the greatest.

I sincerely appreciate all the help. What I didn't tell you was that I'm as old as time, 6'7" tall and just about that big around. I may have forgotten to mention blind as well (makes it hard driving) but fortunately folks in San Antonio have learned to get out of my way.

I did look from a distance and found that connector Vigman described, but I'll be darned if I could see well enough to connect anything.

Ron had an idea, add brake fluid. Old dummy me would never had thought about the obvious, I looked and there was fluid around the master cylinder (I guess they are still called that) and lo and behold no cap. My fury burned and after a lengthy search, found one, filled it up and by golly the lights went off. I am now more than ever sure that my buddy's that Newbie heard about REALLY did me a suckers job.

Anyway. All of you have been very gracious and I do appreciate your time and efforts assisting an old fart like me.

Cheers :w
lights out

Dale B, Happy to learn that the light problem is solved and that the solution was an easy fix.


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