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Help! '94 C4 ABS & ASR Service lights illuminated and occasional red BRAKE light


Mar 23, 2014
St. Paul TX
1994 Admiral Metalic Blue C-4 Coupe
Hi Everyone that enjoys working on their own C4.

I have an issue with the ABS Service light & ASR Service lights illuminated. So I took my '94 C4 to a mechanic friend and he indicated that the reservoir brake warning switch on the Master was leaking and it needed to be replaced. Well, the problem is that I'm unable to locate a source for the replacement switch that he's talking about.
One post that I was reading indicated that it just needed brake fluid added. The level looked fine but I added some just in case. So I did that, with no resolve.
Also, the red BRAKE light occasionally comes on for about 15 seconds and then it goes off.
Has anyone had a similar situation and a source for this brake warning switch?
In my service manual it indicates when this happen, stop and immediately get towed to the mechanic. But I've been driving it like this for nearly 6 months because the brakes work fine.

Your suggestions will be Appreciated.
Thank You, Mocart4u


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Hib Halverson

Technical Writer for Internet & Print Media
Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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Rockauto.com has that sensor. In fact, they have three choices from different manufacturers. Their on-line catalog is very easy to use. Chevrolet/1994/Corvette/Brakes/Fluid level sensor.

As for your service ASR and ABS lights being on, that means those systems are faulty. You can start the troubleshooting yourself by following instructions in this article: C4: Stop to Match the Go

As for the red brake light coming on, that means there's a potentially dangerous problem with your brakes. Obviously, if the light is coming on then going off, perhaps, the problem is intermittent. That said, you might want to avoid putting off repairs to the brakes in case the problem becomes permanent and the brakes stop "working fine".

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