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Question: Brake rotors


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Feb 17, 2005
Jackson,New Jersey
1994 convert. 2002 C5 coupe
Hi everyone.I'm interested in replacing the rotors on my 2003 Z06.I would like to upgrade to drilled and or slotted rotors.I would like a decent quality rotor but there are so many different types, and prices vary so much, from manufacturer to manufacturer, that I'm confused and afraid of making a wrong decision and buying a piece of crap.I would also like to mention that I take my vette to the track occasionally so I want a real rotor that'll stop, and not show rust like so many of them do after the car hasn't been used for a while.Any suggestions out there? Which manufacturer. What type. How much to spend. What's the max $ what's the least $.Is there one manufacturer I should stick with? Or stay away from?What type do you guys use?Tom
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