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Buy 6sp or Auto?



Ive been thinking about buying a C4 Vette for some time now, and was wondering if you guys recommend a 6sp or automatic? Will I enjoy it more with the manual?
Welcome to the CAC guessguy,

I've tried both now and I prefer the 6speed. I just like being in control of the shift points. It all comes down to personal preference, that's why I think you'll get a bunch of mixed responses here. Test drive them both and see how you like them.
Good luck and let us know what you decide:)

They don't make Corvettes with automatic transmissions do they? ;)
6'er vs. Auto

1987 Z51 said:
They don't make Corvettes with automatic transmissions do they? ;)

Why, Yes Ken they do! It's for hard core cruiser's like me that want to rev it up and jam it into gear, pop the clutch and mash the gas! :L I'm just kidding, really!

Hi GuessGuy!
I have an automatic so it keeps me under control. I've driven the 6 speed Grand Sport and really like the stick, but I prefer auto so I can cruise and not think about shifting. (Yea right!) ;)

Good Luck..

different strokes for different folks.

Its all up to you guessguy, I have auto trannys in both my 86 Vette and 80 Camaro. I have control of my shifts as I manually shift up and down.But if I get lazy I can always put it in "D"or "OD"and be like Shay and just cruise. But I agree with Jay that its your preferance.
Good Luck with your shopping,and let us know what you decide to buy.


It all depends on you...

...and how you like to drive.
Myself, I just can't seem to multi-task in a car...clutch, gas, shifter, brake...it's just too much work to drive! I can do it in a pinch, but I really hate clutches. I prefer my automatic so I can just drive. I can still put it in first and shift up thru the gears as I like occasionally, but I don't have the hassle of dealing with shifting in traffic stop-and-start.
(I also have a bad hip that acts up, and shifting my weight in the seat by lifting my legs to switch between the brake, clutch and gas pedals, hurts)
If this will be a daily driver, take that into consideration, however if it will be a for-special vette, it may not matter what you decide. I liked the previous advice to try both, and see what YOU like.
Silver aka:Heidi
I would love a 6 speed if it was only a weekend cruiser. Mine is a daily driver and the auto is just so much better in stop and go traffic.

My next Vette will be a 6 speed as long as I keep my 93.
BubbleHead hit the nail on the head. Is this going to be a daily driver?... and especially, how much traffic will you have to deal with EVERY day. Rush hour can make you crazy even without a clutch! Drive 'em both, you'll figure it out. Let everyone know which you choose...
:D I guess I'm smart and didn't even know it. :D
I consider myself to be a driving enthusiast, and enjoy the sensory experience behind the wheel of an automobile. So, the more envolved driving is, the more I enjoy it. The manual transmission allows another degree (or 6!) of driver input to the vehicle, so this is what I prefer ( too bad I have an AT in my vette). Plus, it's a great feeling double clutching, matching rpms and downshifting at intersections.

If you get a 6-speed and don't like it, I'll trade you for my AT. :D
Did a test drive

Ok here is the deal. Drove a '94 coupe Auto, I loved the Admiral Blue colour, but it had 60K miles on it.. (Im doing all the conversions here to US metric) and he was asking $15KUS for it. Drove a '93 coupe auto, only had 36K miles on it.. but the tranny shifed really hard into second, could feel it. (is this normal)
This last one I fell in love with... a '96 Collecters Edition Covertiable silver 6sp LT4..
ahhhh.. what a sweet ride. Only 25,000 miles and asking $25,700 US.. What do you guys think about the price? I live in Toronto so I couldn't find any others to compare to here... I would have to work out my finances and see if I could manage it. I didn't plan on spending that much initially.
I do like the 94 coupe and the colour is great. But it has high miles and its automatic... Whats a guy to do.....?
guessguy said:
Ive been thinking about buying a C4 Vette for some time now, and was wondering if you guys recommend a 6sp or automatic? Will I enjoy it more with the manual?

It's all a matter of opinion, I guess. I wanted my Corvette to be a manual transmission...really wanted 6-speed but got 4+3 instead...while hubby wanted his to be an automatic. That's not to say that we each don't like driving each other's Corvettes with different transmissions, but our preferences are different. To each his (or her!) own!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
I would agree with everyone else on this. It is more personal preference first and foremost.

I have a 92-LT1 w/auto. I really, really wanted a 6sp. The cars I looked at around here with a 6sp had either been ridden hard, didn't look all that great, or the owner wanted too much. Like you I was trying to work within a budget. I've owned and driven an 84 with the 4+3 for a short while. Also driven a 6sp Z28. I'd still take the 6sp just to have more control. But mine is a daily driver and being able to sit back and just cruise does have its benefits too. I think both have trade-offs. So you decide which best suits you.

As for shifting hard. My 92 shifts kinda hard from 1st to 2nd only. And only when the shifter is in D instead of OD. Someone told me the computer gets more aggressive in D than OD. Not sure how true that is but on mine it seems so. 2nd to 3rd has a little jump but only when you're in it pretty hard. So it shifts harder than any other auto I've driven. I was told it is 'firm' and not a bad thing.

If you can't spend $25K on the 96 I would take the 93 with the lower miles. Not sure that 93-94 there is much difference.

Another opinion...
guessguy, the price on the collector looks good if the car is clean. Here is a link to the place I bought my car. This guy has owned this Corvette-only dealership for almost 30 years. He only sells top notch cars. The prices are on the top end, but every car is mint! He does sell some slightly higher mile cars, which helps to lower the price some for those of us that don't have money falling out of our pockets - but they are very clean too... Anyway, his web page is a good benchmark when you are shopping. Now if you catch a plane to Florida and take one of his cars home, you would have a great ride home up the coast of the USA!!! Whatever you buy, don't forget to wave... Good luck.
There is nothing like Rowing through the gears :). Actually I was looking for an automatic when I found this six speed 96. In fact I was oblivious to the LT4 engine so that was even a thought. Now that I have it, I would trade it for anything. Like I said there is nothing better than rowing through the gears on a winding 2 lane road. :)
Well I finally bought it. A 1996 CE 6sp. LT4 383 Lingenfelfter. I love this car. Put on 400 miles over the weekend. A little heavy on gas but worth every mile thus far.
Hello there!

I becom a member to reply.

I think you better buy a 6 speed, but only a zf-6. This one is smooth in shifting, and a much strongergearbox. I own a '86, but with the zf build in.


ps. I like the roaring of the shifst.

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Johnny!

johnny said:
Hello there!
I becom a member to reply.

I'm glad that you decided to register with us Johnny, and I hope you stay on as a member of this wonderful community.

I prefer shifting for myself, just as you do. :D

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