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Buying vette have a quick? (kinda important.)



ok I went and looked at this 94 6-speed vette, it drove really good, and it was really nice, paint, ex., int., but after the test drive we walked about ten feet away and I noticed a thumping kinda sound(pretty loud too), and the guy said it was the coolant going into the overflow tank and it does it 5-10 after it shuts off. Now tell me your opinion? I have never noticed this on any other vettes? Thank you.
Radiator cap, or fans not coming on

Hi there,
This is basic sign here that one of 2 things are happening.
First, radiator caps hold pressure inside the cooling system, which raises the boiling point of the coolant. Now, if the radiator cap is not exerting enough pressure, than it could boil over into the overflow tank.
Second, if the fans are not coming on at 228, your pressure could be over the cap, and push past the spring, causing this condition.
What I would suggest here is that you ask for another test drive, this time, take attention of the temperature of the engine. Highway speeds, it should be no higher than 200, in the city, it should not get past 230.
The cooling fans are very efficient, and should cool the car down quickly.
There also might be debris in the radiator, causing less airflow through the area, so it doesnt cool as effectively. If you temp is higher than 200 on the highway, this could be your issue.
Best to you, c4c5
True. but check the oil for coolant it could have a head gasket going. Was the engine hot? Jim
Head gaskets are possible, check it!

Hi there,
If you are concerned about it,
Start the car, cold with the radiator cap off. If you see bubbles constantly streaming from the surge tank.
You have a head gasket.
Best to you, c4c5
Losin' your cool

I've noticed that most LT-1's the fans don't kick on till about 240 which I still say is to hot!
now this is based on the "accuracy" of the gauge graphics.

My 88 which runs at 215 in LA ac & everything on after 8 min ( Key Off )

Mine bubbles once & a while


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