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C3 Gas Lid Restoration and Parts Help Needed


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Sep 29, 2004
Cleveland, OH
1976 L-82 4-Speed
I am restoring my gas cap and benzel. Eeverything is perfect except the chrome hinge which is pitted with rust, and the bolt with push on washer. Is there supplier for just these parts, or should I have them rechromed?

Also I cannot find in the restoration guide the color the back side of the gas cap lid should be. When it was repainted it got some color on its backside too.

I appreciate your help!


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Apr 1, 2005
the deep south
1978 pace car, 04 CE convert
i'm a bit confused by exactly what it is that you are asking, but the gas tank "lid" is painted to match the body both top and bottom. if your hinge is in real decent shape with minimal pitting you might explore re-chroming it, but it will probably be pretty expensive. if it less than decent (rusted and pretty badly pitted), it's certainly not worth it at all. you can usually find tank lids on ebay and it would probably be easier and cheaper to keep looking until you find one in great shape, use the hinge, and keep the lid for a spare (or re-list it and sell it on ebay for whatever you can get for it to offset the cost). you might want to take a look at doc rebuild's website to see if he has one for sale. if he does it will be correct and mint. also check corvette central and some of the usual parts suppliers they might have one also (if you want a new repro).

correct repro gas caps can be bought at just about all of the usual suppliers sites.

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