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C3 rear defogger



Can someone help me with this. I recently scrapped some old window tinting off the back window of my 78 vette. Now when I turn on my blower motor on high, the rear window defogger comes on automatically and doesn't work. It never did this before. I think I might have broken a connection somewhere in the rear window defogger wires. Any clues?

[Edited by acmsal on 03-03-2001 at 12:09 PM]
I know that GM used to make a repair kit, they probably still do.

I am also fairly positive that an after market kit exists as well.

The kit usually contains the conducting material that you actually apply to the window. You identify where the breaks in the conductive grid are and put a tape like template on the window and apply new conductive material then remove the template.

I am being very broad and generic here. I am sure that the kit comes with good instructions. Check with your local parts store.

Good luck.


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