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C3 trailer,


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
As if I don't have enough projects, I aquired a complete 1979 rear clip less the glass.

I plan on turning it into a trailer to pull behind the 69 to store luggage, cold drinks, tools, etc. However, I started thinking the other night and came up with some crazy ideas. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other input.

I decided that I need install a folding bench seat in the front area with a receiver in the middle to put in a pop up umbrella.

This way, when I get to a show or a race, I can disconnect the trailer, pop up the umbrella shade, and have a seat while the world goes by. We also discused putting a pair of six pack coolers in the batter/storage cubbies. That would leave room for luggage/tools on top.

Of course, the rear lights would be functional, and I would need some good wide rims and tires on the trailer. We also thought it would be cool to install a battery and stereo that would charge when hooked to the 69.

What am I missing here? (not a kitchen sink).
What a great idea!

I can see it now...
Sounds like an absolutely fabulous idea, and I don't think you missed any of the important stuff! Shade, ice, power, radio, comfy seats...maybe a way to stabilize it when it has been unhooked from the hitch. How about a pop up table for a game of cards or eating your lunch?
How will it enclose? Or will it be plein air?
I want to see this when it's finished!
Chris, Don't forget all the room where the gas tank would be. I don't know how you would access it unless you cut the back out and made a crawl through. I want to see it too. I have the rear half of an 80 w/glass setting around in the way. I can always use another trailer. ( although I would have to pull it behind the truck, because I am vettless right now)............Steve
Open Air?

We were thinking about putting snaps around the outside edge of the rear window opening and up around around the seat area so it can be weathered in with a tight fitting cover.

Great idea. I could put a pop down and pin leg in the front that will stabilize it when not hooked to a car. Could also easily get a RV style pop up tray/table.

I guess I could cut out the floor and drop it pretty low inside the lower quarters. That would give much more room for storage.

I have to keep the weight distribution in mind. Right now, my plans might make it tail heavy.

These are all great ideas to squeeze into the design.

SS, I have always thought it would be cool just to take the rear clip to the uphoulstry shop and let them build a love seat into it (cut out the roof bar and remove the rear window). That sure would make a conversation piece in the living room!

That really sounds like a cool idea.
I've seen a few at the car shows in FL, but they are mostly of 57 chevy's showing off the rear fins and stuff... and they are only trunks for storage. Adding a seat with umbrella is a great idea, besides, with a 69 convert' where are you going to fit the beach chairs... :cool :)

Also, that is one Sweet silver vette in your sig file... Is it around town?

I don't know if that car exists or not. If any of you get Vette magazine, you will have seen a picture of the front of that car and the front of a blue shark on the cover from an issue in 00. I tore the magazine from end to end only to find there were no other pictures of that car. I was not able to tell if it was a vert or a coupe. I was telling my wife that from what I could see, that is exactly what I plan on doing with our 69.

Okay, here is the good part. The reason for the picture was a special on Wall Werks and all the car prints they do. It was a special picture made only for the cover of Vette. She called Wall Werks and learned that they had no full print of that car. However, she was persistant and eventually got the fellow to comb his files. He found the main picture he had used and it was a vert. So, for Christmas of 00 she had him print it up in a large wall sized print and gave it to me with a letter of authenticity of a One of One print from Wall Werks.

So, now you know the rest of the story.

It is amazing how down to the wheel flares, rims, and ride stance, I had already described and depicted that look for our car well before seeing that picture. Too bad it is the wrong color. We had it framed and it sits on the wall over the television for the whole world to see.

Cool chick huh? I think she is a keeper.

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