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C4 Interior Light Problem



When I purchased my 86 coupe none of the interior lights worked. I checked the fuse panel and found the int fuse was missing. When I replaced the fuse all my interior lights worked. I thought that was a simple fix, I wonder why someone took out that fuse? Now I know why, I casually looked at the car that night and noticed a glow inside. The driver's side interior door handle light was lit. When I pushed it in it turned off. It was working just the opposite of the way it was supposed to. It should light when you push in on it and turn off when you release it (after time delay). The passenger side door light worked correctly. I removed the inside door panel and door handle to get at the actuator switch and confirmed that it was working backwards. I removed the door handle light bulb until I can replace the switch. What would cause the switch to reverse itself like that? Can anyone tell me where I can find a replacement switch or what the problem is?
Al, my '87 door panels lights work like an on/off switch; push in until it clicks and the light stays on, push again 'til it clicks and the lights go out. The switch is a "push-on, push-off momentary switch", which can be found at Radio Shack probably cheaper than a dealer or aftermarket.

G.G. ....I have an 86 vert and I just replace that switch your talking about and what happen is the inside of the switch has broken and has caused it to work backwards. These are cheesey switch it's a wonder they work as long as they do.I got one from Ecklers's and it comes with the harness for $13.99 the part number is 31660 . Good luck....Bob Yates

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