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C5 Exhaust



I was wondering if anyone has the SLP Loud Mouth exhaust on their C5. I was curious to see how loud it was.

HI there,
Just remember that the SLP Loudmouth is just straight pipes, with no baffling for noise reduction.
It will be as loud as the car would be if there were no mufflers on the car.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Thanks for the advice. What exhaust would you reccomend that is loud but not super loud?
Several brands come to mind....B&B, Borla, Corsa, Flowmaster, etc......which is better is at best subjective and a matter of personal taste. I'd recommend keeping your ears open until you hear something you like, then try to chase it down and ask the owner what kind it is. Happy hunting!

My son's got the SLP loudmouth and it works great. We can always hear him when he comes home, no mater the time . So if you get one don't plan on sneaking up on anyone!! :L
Hi there,
Yes, I do agree with Jim here, as there are so many to check out, its almost impossible to go over them here.
BBtriflo is good. Corsa makes a few different ones. Indy and PRTs that are made by them are loud and louder.
If you are looking for a slight increase in sound, Borla is usually what Iwould recommend, as they make just the rear muffler sections, with a slight increase in sound, with more bass response.
The full system from Borla, with a resonator is usually too loud for most, so just be aware.
Let us know if we can assist further, c4c5:hb
I agree, there are so many to chose from. It is just a matter of preference. The SLP is very loud even when you are driving in the car. You might want to think of that and make sure that you will want to hear it all of the time. It is very loud.
My personal favorite is the Corsa pace car system with their X-pipe. Sounds crisper(but not much louder than stock) at idle but really sings when you get on it. Borlas are ok but I like the Corsas better. IMO

The SLP loudmouth borderlines on obnoxious. I guess if your going for the "race" sound and its a weekend or track car go for it. I wouldnt put it on a daily driver.

I am thinking about a "Breathless Performance" package that includes a Corsa system. Anyone had experience with this supplier (Breathless Perf.) and specifically the Corsa system. Saw one posting indicating major drop in fuel mileage, how about sound level
I've got the Corsa Indy Pacecar exhaust (not from BPP) with the BPP Vortex RamAir Induction.....still get around 20 mpg commuting to and from work (45 miles round-trip) and over 26 on the hi-way. It has a pleasant sound at idle and cruise, a bit aggresive on acceleration, and will definitely turn heads at WOT.

Does anybody have or heard the B&B Tri Flow PRT?
HI Titleist,
Well, PRT stands for Pulse resonance technology.
These are also very loud, and are almost as bad as the Loudmouth.
The canisters are very small, and will resonate at higher rpms.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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