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C6 Concepts...



Hmmm... I've been waiting to see some conceptual art of the C6 and here it is. If I may ask, where did these photos orginate from? It seems that it's back to the hatchback design, eliminating the trunk. Interesting..... --Bullitt
WHAT IS THAT??????????

GM, I hope you're listening....
Thats demeaning to the Corvette name.

If thats where the Corvette lines are heading, I sure won't be buying a new one. Just promise to build that "thing" after the 50th anniversary is rolled out as a C5.
I'm pretty sure that's not a real GM concept. If you go to the site that is hosting that picture (www.1kyle.8k.com) it full of manipulated car photos by "Kyle Teichert". Is that you reliantk?
Looks like a glorified Saturn with a vet side panels.

IMHO the C6 needs to be more roadster and less ricer than that picture
I'm sure that is not the C6 design. GM is smarter than that, I hope. It does have some C5 lines if you look at it, but it is not something I would buy. The car needs to have better lines than that.
C6 - 2004

This is the photo's I have seen so far. It's from Motor Trend. It seems like a design combo of the 50s corvette to the current design. Front end sorta ugly.

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