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C6 Corvette to be Delayed


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Sep 16, 2000
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The much-hyped Buick Bengal roadster is one of at least two planned General Motors products that new “product czar” Bob Lutz has ordered cut, TheCarConnection has learned. The sleek, sporty convertible simply faced too many potential production problems and escalating costs estimates.
Last week, Lutz announced there will be “turmoil and change” in GM’s product plans, and sources reveal that wasn’t an overstatement. It appears the planned replacement for the Pontiac Bonneville has been canceled, as well, as has the replacement for the European Astra—though the latter decision was made pre-Lutz. The Astra action could pose problems for Saturn, since it intended to share the same new Delta platform, which would have meant better economies of scale. In other product plans, the next-generation Corvette, codenamed C6, has been delayed, posing problems for the Vette’s 50th anniversary plans in 2003. Also delayed are the next Buick Regal, Pontiac Grand Prix and the Cadillac Seville. The Caddy looked too much like the new and smaller CTS. Design changes, including a more gracious rear roofline, should push the Seville back about five months. Several products have reportedly moved ahead in GM’s schedule, including the three-row version of the new Saturn VUE.
Lutz: “Turmoil and Change” at GM by Paul A. Eisenstein(12/17/2001)
It's a bit scary to think how GM would have faired if not for Bob Lutz. What disasters would have befallen us? I'm glad he cut that nightmare going on in Buick. There's a whole line of cars that needs a redefintion and perhaps to an extent, a relaunch of some kind. As long as they get the C6 where it should be, I think people can wait just a little while longer. Of course, this holds out my hopes of more cubes in the pursuit of more power. --Bullitt
“You don't ever want to cheapen the product in the eyes of the customer, but the art of this business is putting the cost in the features where they're appreciated and not where they're not appreciated. That's part art and part science,” Lutz said
He sure is wasting no time at all shaking things up and he's probably scaring the heck out of a lot of folks at GM. You have to have respect for a guy who hits the ground running and makes no bones about it.
In an effort to shake thing up, Lutz laid out $1500 of his own to print up 3000 peel-off lapel labels. They simply ask, “Sez Who?” The idea, he explained, is to get everyone inside GM to question conventional wisdom and reject the idea that things can’t be done just because they haven’t been done already.
Go man go! I think even if some are soiling there BVDs, they will see him as a Godsend to GM in the very near future.

- Eric
It doesn't surprise me that they would want to keep the C5 style body around for as long as they can. I mean, it's been quite successful so why change unless the consumers react? I'm sure that it costs literally millions of dollars to develop another generation of Corvette.

I say that if they're going to delay the next generation, but come out with an even better product, it's just a benefit to all of us.
How many Vetts have they sold and for what price??
they have made their money back im sure..140,000@ 35k each(conservative estimate) thats something like 4,900,000,000 and counting..all yours for 250,000,000.00..actually IF the car only cost 250,000,000.00 they got a HUGE deal. Most cars cost several Billion each to produce...95% of a cars cost goes back to recoup the investment lost in dewvelopment, very little of the money goes to pay for the work at the factory floor.
I hope they keep pushing the C6 back as far as they can!
That buys me more money saving time!
It doesn't surprize me at all. This will help GM make sure the car is perfect in every respect. I can wait because I am enjoying my C5.
I also think that they can't afford to mess up the C6, as to not have another 1983 situation. At this point in the automotive game, GM can't afford to mess up and write a Corvette off. The success of the C4 and C5 won't let them do that. It's really a world recognized car, more than ever before so more is at stake. It's not just on the international stage, but also the national stage. I read an article in regards to Ford and their soon to be "Terminator Mustang." The car is a direct challenge to...yep, you guessed it, the Corvette and Viper. Supposedly, it's going to be a Mustang that pushes the 400 HP mark.
Terminator Mustang? Does this mean it will naturally run from the paparazzi? :L Stick with the Boss name. Or even better yet, bring back "Bullitt." Yeah, that sounds real good! :D --Bullitt
Yep, Gm has all the time in the world to make the C6 perfect. So I hope the do it. I'm sure they will, but they need to make sure they don't rush it because they are later as it is. We all can and will wait patiently until the C6 is unveiled.
What's this about a terminated Mustang?

...Yep, sounds right to me.


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The C is not for Che...
...but the V is for vette
I, for one, am disappointed.

I would like to have seen the C6 unveiled as the first of it's generation AND be a collector's corvette, commemorating 50 years of Corvettes.

However, I do understand the reasons holding them back. Lets hope they make a C5 50th Anniversary we can be proud of. Unlike my 25th Anniversary, which was more of an afterthought.
Off the original topic, but I'm glad that Ford has finally decided to go to a new chassis. After driving a 'Stang, I can tell you that it is very cramped. Whoever designed that center console should be taken to the shed for a horsewhipping. I had to sit in the backseat of this convertible Pony for a two and half hour trip once and it was a nightmare. It's about time, Ford! --Bullitt
terminator mustang

They'll be a lot of dead owners of the 400hp mustang. That cars suspension systems and drivetrain cannot safely handle that much power. the car handles like crap. It squeals around every corner and spins the tires with just the slightest touch of the gas pedal already.

400hp on that car will kill alot of people. they should re-design the body, frame and suspension to compensate for the added horsepower.

Back to the C6. Has anyone seen any conceptual art by anyone in the car industry, concerning the C6? I remember the Larry Shinoda drawing of what he thought the C5 should've looked like. I know that they would probably be different, but it's nice to see the ideas floating around. --Bullitt

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