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C6 Naviagtion system wont read GPS DVD


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Feb 27, 2010
Southern California
1974, 1990, 2008 Coupes
Ive noticed that when my C6 coupe gets hot inside (summer heat or heater running), the Nav system will fail to read the DVD.

Ive tried all the simple tricks like air blow out the dust, dvd lens cleaner and another new GPS DVD. Same thing. Im pretty sure this is an electonics component thermal sensitivity issue as this 2008 40k miles California car ages.

To test this theory, i can run the heater at 90* full fan and after a little while 5-10 minutes, the NAV will stop working and post on the screen it cannot read the DVD. Turning off the radio or nav stack for a while or restarting the car wont help. Only waiting until the next day when instart up the car when cool in the garage will it run again until it gets hot again.

I had this idea about getting it to work again after it gets hot, and that was to run the a/c full blast and shut the vanes of the two ports above the NAV-Radio-CD system for a while. And sure enough, the NAV ran fine again. Obviously the issue isnt DVD condition or lens reading caused; rather its electronic components over heating due to the ambient heat, heater, or maybe even engine heat rising up to the center console. Point being, this is a heating and electronic shutdown cause and effect situation. Likely that over time, the electronic componnts are temperature sensitive enough to cause temporary or eventual total failure.

Being around electronics all my life as an EE, its my theory that either the components are not fully automotive temperature rated and quality parts, or that the heat within the radio stack console gets hotter than what the devices were rated for.

This happens so much on these C6 systems, im thinking this should have been a recall of the Denso Nav-Radio-Cd system or a heat resistent blanket should have been installed to shield the electronics from heater or engine heat.

Im probably going to have to replace mine or only run it with A/C running.

Is there a good video on how to remove/replace this unit without damaging the console?
The factory units, kind of, sucked from the beginning. My factory Nav system was gone when I bought my 007. But I swapped out the unit that was in there with a different Nav system. I'd recommend that you just swap it out with something else. My system requires no DVD disk to work. If I were doing it again, I'd get one that has "Car Play" and use the mapping/GPS from my iPhone. Never have to worry about updates either. I think the process would be the same. If you are removing the original to repair, just swap them out.

I don't know, just voicing my opinion.
OK, just read your post about bluetooth, swapping head units solves that too. Even better with "Car Play"
Car DVD systems all seem to be behind the curve. The one in my 06 Vette works but its not very good. The one in my Dodge sucked. My neighbor complains about the one in his Benz. Others I know complain about the aftermarket units. Unless you absolutely have to have an in-dash unit I would simply download Waze or a similar app on your phone and save the money.
I have to admit im behind the curve on automotive electronics, and i thank you Tom for waking me up to "carplay".

So I started researching and found this one, which presumably fots the C6 console:
AVIC-8000NEX - In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with 7” WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen Display | Pioneer Electronics USA

Its pricey at $1200, but is light years ahead of the GM OEM system. Wow, why would i want another Denso?

Which system did you pick?

Nice aircraft!

I bought, for my pickup, The Pioneer AVIC-5200.
AVIC-5200NEX - In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with 6.2” WVGA Touchscreen Display | Pioneer Electronics USA

This is the unit without built in NAV
AVH-4200NEX - 2-DIN Flagship Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7" WVGA Touchscreen Display | Pioneer Electronics USA

The place where I bought mine tried to save me a little money, telling me to buy the unit without the built-in NAV, but I guess I didn't do my research on CarPlay as I thought I really wanted the built-in NAV. In reality, I use Carplay and the mapping on the iPhone more than the built in NAV. I wish I had done the Pioneer in the Corvette, I did a Jensen in it. It has built in NAV, but no CarPLay. It interfaces by Bluetooth with my phone and has front USB port which give a little more functionality. I wish that I had known about CarPlay when I did the Corvette.

The guy that did the Pickup, was way more knowledgeable and knew about things the other place had no clue. In the pickup, I didn't have to buy a separate, XM receiver, as there is some kind of interface harness that allows the use of the one GM installed. On the Corvette, I had to buy a separate XM receiver. Either way. I'm way happier with the radios I have compared to factory units. OH, both units allow for, and I have installed, back-up cameras. Essential for the Corvette and extremely handy in the pickup, especially it I'm trying to hook up a trailer.

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