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C6 Spied?


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Sep 16, 2000
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I think it's an older picture, but...what do you think?
Say it aint so!!!!!! It looks like a 500 SL Mercedes 2 door convertible under those covers.

Maybe that is the new Cadillac two door.
I don't know about the other countries, but there's something "Asian" about it in that roofline/rear quarter area, that's for sure.

_ken :w
I agree with Chris. My first thought was that it was the Caddy Evoq that's sharing BG with the 'Vette.

If that's the new 'Vette, I definatlly dont like the nose. And with the masking's on the rear of the car, it makes it look like an Audi TT.

That is the new Caddie XLS.

That spy shot is the new Caddy Evoq. I did hear, though, that Bob Lutz reluctantly signed off on the new Vette design just about 2 months ago. Rumor had it that his reluctance was due to the fact that he thought the car didn't push the envelope of styling as much as it should. An additional rumor is that the C6 will not likely debut as a 2004 model (guesses now put it as a 2005 model) meaning that the C5 will carry on one year past its originally stated final year--2003. It was my understanding that the C5 was to bow out with the anniversary model. Anybody have any better news than this? I will admit, these rumors are stale now and there may be new ones out there.
kfehling said:
That spy shot is the new Caddy Evoq.

The Evoq was the name of the show car. The production car is the XLS pictured above.

i think thats a generic transporter because thats the new lexus convertable
vettedreamer said:
i think thats a generic transporter because thats the new lexus convertable

I would guess that they were doing some compairsum tests between the Lexus and the new Cad.

It has to be the new CADDY. If you look closely you can see that the fuel door is in the same location as the VETTE. But why is there a LEXUS on the transporter? Does GM think that the Lexus in their competition for the CADDY? I hope to see more pics soon, keep them coming.
Maybe the Lexus was there because they are transporting it to get parts from it for the Caddy. Na, GM just wants to show everyone that their car is better.
You know these transporters contract to many enterprises, not just the major auto manufacturers. So we could be looking at just about anything. To me, the only thing for sure in this shot is the red C5 coupe. For all we know the one with the body panal covers could be a Mitsubishi, or Nisson.

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