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Can anyone recommend a replacement chip for my stage 2 Hypertech chip in my C4?

Viper 10

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May 5, 2001
'85 Light Bronze C4, '96 Blue/White GTS Coupe
I bought one of these many years ago and lost my stock chip. Since then ('85) my car has always had detonation) and I alwys need to add octane booster to my gas. Are there any better solutions on the market? My car has very mild mods.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Have you checked your anti-knock sensor? I run the same chip and started to get some pinging, changed the sensor and the ping went away.

Thanks Dave. Is there any way for me to check the anti-knock sensor myself, or is this a dealer issue?

Thanks for your feedback. I will be bummed if this is the problem, because it has been around since the car was new.

Take care,

If you have a timing light you can check the entire system and the sensor. With the light flashing on the timing mark at high idle, take a hammer and tap the engine block, the timing should change and come back when you quit tapping. Kind of a back woods way of testing it, but better than what a Dealer would charge just to raise the hood. Otherwise buy the sensor and try changing it first, they don't cost very much. Don't use any sealer on the new one, it will mess up the ground.

Good Luck,
Just a quick thought....

On most of he older cars, GM has updated chips. I had the same problem on my 91, with an aftermarket ($375) chip that detonated a lot. Though I had the origonal stock, a member tipped me off that there was an updated GM chip. I got it, and it cost $47, and I have loved it. I have tried two aftermarket (DRM and performance from MAD) and the origonal and the updated stock. By far the updated stock is the most frivable, and actually the fastedst, because it does not have to retard the timing as a result of pre ignition.

Just my 2 cents. Try and see if an updated chip is available for your car before you get too deep in a hunt for something else. It's cheaper, and you may be surprised at the outcome.

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