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Can you ID my engine/trans?



I bought a house and a Corvette that was buried in the garage with it. I knew it wasn't original, that the car had been sitting since 1978 and needed a lot of work. Anyway, I finally was able to bust it out of the corner after I cleaned out the garage (took me 6 months). Anyway, I am trying to determine what motor/trans/carb combo I have. I've asked this elsewhere, only to get multiple different answers. Anyway, here are the specifics:

Motor: 3782870 on D.S. rear
k111926f0916EB on P.S. front engine pad

Trans: Had a tag with 880853 on it. I couldn't read anything else

Carb: On choke tower: list 4780

I believe the carb to be a 800 cfm Holley model 4150 mechanical secondary.

I am about 2 weeks from starting this puppy that has been sitting since 1978. My fuel pump should arrive shortly, which is
the only thing holding me back (until I find something else).


Welcome to the forums. You didn't say what year Corvette it was but the engine is a 327. The 3782870 casting number was used on Corvettes from '62 to '65. Obviously on other lines too as the EB was a Chevelle engine from '65 to '67. 300hp in '65 and 275 in '66 and '67. The Carb seems to be an over the counter aftermarket piece.

I would be happy to look further into the trans if I had a place to start. What kind of trads is it? A/T, 4-speed ect.? What year is the Corvette?

Well, I didn't specify the year of the Corvette because I know
the motor doesn't belong in the car. Anyway, the car is a '66
Convertible, 4 speed trans. I know the motor isn't original (or
a vette motor) but it is from the correct 'era'. I have yet to
check the heads (I'll try to post the numbers tomorrow). It has
aftermarket carb/intake/ and exhaust (headers).

I wasn't able to see through the grime on the trans other than to read a tag attached to the bottom. I'm not even sure what trans it is.

I do know the motor has a solid cam in it. I'm not sure of the specs. Whoever owned it previously raced it pretty hard at the strip. Hence the big carb, headers, etc...

If it is a Muncie (probably) it should have a code stamped vertically on the right side lower rear of the case. I remember reading about the tags but I'd have to dig in the archives. If you can get the code and casting #s we will be close.

I've never gotten a Corvette with any house i've bought. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Especially a '66.

Tom :)

I would have bought the house just for the vette. WOW what a bonus!!! even if it is in rough shape.
Well, it's not like the car came for free. Either way, I think I got it for a little less than the going rate. It was jammed into a 2 car garage sideways and the owner had nowhere to go with it. So, it's mine now. He used it as a storage shelf. At least he was straight up about it being what it is. It only sat there since 1978. (Low miles)

Hey Top Notch,
That photo hurt my eyes!!!! Poor Vette, good thing you rescued it!
Ok, can anybody help out on my intake and heads?

I pulled this off the intake: 8890490

This from underneath the valve cover: 3782418
it had what looked like I155 underneath the above number.

Hi Top_Notch
I think the intake casting # is actually 3890490. Often these numbers are unclear. It is a 327/350hp intake used in '66 and '67.

For the heads the I155 casting date is Sept 15 1965. The '65 Corvette 327 head was casting number 3782461. It used 1.94 in intake valves for the 250 and 300 engines and 2.02 for the 350, 365 and 375 hp engines. That 3782418 head is a '65. Probably the head that came on your Chevelle 327.

Thanks 59Tom, you've been very helpful. Now how much do
you know about rebuilding Holley 4150's?

Im' not too smart on the Holleys but I'm about to learn. I have a '66 Chevelle 327/300 original Holley that I'm going to use on an Offy intake on my '69 Stepside. I bought it in a box completely blown apart. Shafts are tight and parts are in good condition so we'll see what happens. I want to use this carb so I can use the stock GM automatic choke that the manifold is cast for.

Well, who knows, but I wonder if my carb came from that same poor old Chevelle all my other parts came from. Honestly, I think it's an aftermarket piece. It is a 800 cfm double pumper dated circa 1973. After I tried to start my Corvette for the first time in 20 years, that carb metered more gasoline onto my intake than into it. I know, I know, I should have rebuilt it before I even tried. But my in-laws vette started after his sat for 10 years, and everything worked except the accel. pump. I was hoping for a baseline of a running car. I have the old Holley about ½ apart (bowls and metering block), but am a little stumped as to how to proceed. The strangest part was the idle mixture screws (the little ones in metering block) were all the way in. Hmmm. Anyways, once I solve that problem, it will only lead to bigger and better problems, brakes....

I only know enough to get me into trouble, not out of it.
I've had that feeling before too.



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