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Car covers

Please let me know what you feel are the best car covers to use


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Dec 7, 2001
Glastonbury Ct USA
Y2k vette, 73 under construction
A garage.

Seriously, I have mine in a garage excepting when I am driving it or showing it. In addition I have a heavy winter indoor/outdoor cover for winter storage. I also have a felt cover for inside my garage and the garage at work. Cuts back on bird stuff landing on her


I bought 1 of them cheap 50$ jobs from pep boys,really decent & did the job. Over the exhaust pipes i put card board soda cases to keep the pipes from cutting thru the cover.Then i bought them "prefabed car ports" from wally mart.There the best thing next to haveing a garage and only cost $800.00 each.B4 I moved to nj/i was born & raised in philly,PORT RICHMOND,my vettes were parked on the street.


The car cover that will best suit you depends on the job that you will need it to perform. Are you simply looking for a cover to keep on the car when it's in the garage in order to reduce dust, or are you looking for a heavy-duty type of cover that needs to offer outdoor storage protection?

Flannel lined covers are very nice for indoor storage. They have a soft lining and are rather good at filtering out dust. Many owners like the Noah car cover for outdoor storage as it is pretty tough.

There is a wealth of info. about car covers at many of the manufacturer's sites. If you request it, many of the companies will actually send you material samples so that you can compare quality/finish/color, etc. I have requested material samples from car cover companies and they have alll responded positively. They will also send you a catalog free of charge.

Give the following companies a try: 1. California Car Cover Company. Their web site: calcarcover.com 2. Auto Chic. Their web site: www.autochic.com 3. Heaven For Cars. Their web site: www.heavenforcars.com 4. And even the aftermarket vendors such as Mid-America Direct and Ecklers will send you material samples if you ask.

Good luck with your search.

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