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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Guys Id sure like to know more about my car, and the car has had like 4 paint jobs (same colors) but the vehicle ID numbers are gone, and I dont really feel like dropping my gas tank to look for a build sheet.

If anyone has any suggestions or resources could you please Email me or post here I will give up the VIN at any time.

(Like I dont even know if my cars supposed to be Z51 or not)

I have an '85 and it has a build sheet pasted inside the door on the little rear compartment behind the driver's seat. Of course mine also has the serial numbers, etc. So maybe yours has been removed. My '86 has one in the exact same location. And yes it does specify Z51 on the '86, also none on the '85! :(

Hope you find it..........
Ok I have a bunch of factory stickers on the door itself but Im not sure what compartment your talking about? Are you talking about the two pits in the cargo area?

Mine is right behind the drivers seat on the inside of the small cargo box lid.
Your other option is to send the Corvette museum $40 to get a build sheet.
Ahhh Gotcha (Of course I have removed the lids for my custom subfloor) BUT I kept it I have to go to my shop and dig it off the shelf thanks Drewser
Carfax? Options? Musem?

Yes those two little worthless storage areas behind each seat. The one behind the driver, on both of my cars, has a build list stuck inside the door when you open it. That is how I learned that my '86 had everything but the kitchen sink and my '85 had nothing! :)

Hope you locate one of them. There are others but that is the easiest to find without removing the gas tank. :)

Good luck with it........

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