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For my 77 I have these numbers on the body of the carburetor, 170 57204 0967 AYN. Can’t find the information on this carburetor especially for the AYN letters. What I want to do is (its already taken apart) replace everything that’s in view, gaskets, springs, pump, etc. I also want to wash the body of the carb and hit it with some bronze paint for the fresh look. I tried the Vette part catalogs online for a complete kit and really coming up with nothing. If I go to my general parts store will I get a Corvette rebuild kit or everyone else’s rebuild kit, “got to have it right ya know”. Anyone know who’s got the complete kit I talking about or do I have to purchase parts on the side besides what come in a rebuild kit. Also.... What’s the best degreaser to soak it in? Thanks. “Rap Your Ass In Fiberglass”.

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