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Castrol Engine Degreaser

I've never tried it. I usually just pick up brake cleaner, or cheap engine cleaner.....

I use Castrol super clean,,it is great stuff for degreasing but be careful what you put it on. It will instantly suck all the oil out of your skin if you get it on your hands. Be careful around paint with it too. Works great for the dirty greasy things in life.
I also like citrus cleaner as it works good on most things and isn't as strong and harsh as super clean. I use Zep brand from Home Depot.

I think that's what I have - it's in a purple plastic spray bottle. Thought I had seen some good comments about it and picked some up at WMT. After reading the directions and all the warnings, I started to wonder if it was worth it. May just go with some Gunk or Simple Green and take it back.


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