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Caswell Plating Kit

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Dec 27, 2001
Wyoming N.Y.
1961 270HP and 1963 340HP
Has anyone used a Caswell plating kit to restore cadmium or zink plating and what was the results. How did the plating hold up over time?

Haven't used them myself, but have seen posts by people who have, and they seemed very happy with the results.

Here is a quote that I saved from one of those posts:

"I have used the Caswell setup for several years and am very pleased with the results. I have plated almost every bolt and screw on my car as well as a bunch of other parts such as latches and hood hinges. They also sell a chromate dip so you can put on the golden colored dichromate coating for those parts which were that color. The system has a little learning curve to get the right current for the size parts, but the curve is short."

Comments on the Eastwood plating setup were also positive, but some say the lantern battery you are supposed to use with that kit is not adequate, and that you should use a DC power supply instead. I don't remember what the Caswell system uses as a power source. Additionally, the Eastwood tank should be replaced with a Tupperware-style container with a sealable lid for storage.

Also, surface prep is very important, with the recommendation that parts be thoroughly degreased and bead blasted, and kept free of skin oil before plating them.

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