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change oil light



I just bought a 91 L98 without an owners manual, the change oil light is on, so i changed the oil, well the change oil light is still on, how do i turn the light out?? I hope someone can help because this light problem cannot be fixed with other years (94,95 etc) system. Thanks Bobby

First off, welcome to The Corvette Action Center.

I highly suggest you pickup an owner's manual for your '91. You can find them at either MidAmerica or Ecklers (both are listed on the Parts and Accessories page of this site.

You're 91 is equipped with an oil life monitor which needs to be manually reset each time you change the oil. Here is the procedure:

1. turn the key to the "On" position, but don't start the engine.

2. Press teh ENG MET button on the Trip Monitor and release it. Then, within five seconds, press and release the ENG MET button again.

3. Within five seconds, of Step 2, press and hold the RANGE button on the Trip Monitor. The CHANGE OIL light will flash.

4. Hold the RANGE button until the CHANGE OIL light stops flashing and goes out. When the light goes out, the Engine Oil Life Monitor is reset. This should take about ten seconds. If it doesn't resent, turn the ignition "OFF" and repeat the procedure.

Hope this helps.
oil light

Thanks alot I will try it, this sound like it should work, Bear with me on talking and anwering this form of chat is a little diferent then i am used to thanks again.

No problem. This form of chat/communication takes a little getting used to if you're not used to it. We're here to help, so if you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask either myself or the moderators. :)
Your manual tells you procedure for resetting "change oil" light, its easy - turn key on but don't start engine, press ENG MET, within five seconds press it again, within five seconds of that, press and hold the GUAGES button. The "change oil" light should start to flash. Keep holding the GUAGES button and the "change oil" light will go out in about ten seconds.

The change oil light comes on based on calculations of engine rpm and average temperature over a period of time. Changing the oil does nothing to reset the count.
Just curious when they starting putting these in. Where they options or standard?
Edmond, my 90 has it, it is standard equipment on mine, not sure of pryor years.:L
Oil Light Reset

Thank you to the site administrator for the information on reseting tje oil light.:)

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