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charging issue



ok i charged the battery with trickle charge, 12.62v

when i first checked it last week it was at 11.59v

got another rebuilt alternator, checked charging,

its at 12.62 running, 12.2 with lights on
it seems something is missing in the charging system, its not charging at all, just running off of battery.

i spoke with tom at m&h wiring; great guy, spent about 1/2 hour on the phone going over the whole wiring system with me, doing ground testing, checking for continuity, everything good with the engine wiring harness, the harness i replaced inside the engine

so now im thinking maybe something in the amp guage wiring? something is lost in the circuit.
it could of been this way when i bought the car? i do have another amp guage, as in mine is pointing all they way to the right, always been that way

any other area's to look?

it has a new voltage regulator; rebuilt alternator(2nd) and a new yellow optima battery

it also has a new enginge harness



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May 24, 2001
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So as always what are you using for the diagnostics

Just the battery gauge ?

What are the condtions of all battery connections?

There is a real affourdable battery tester from sears


I have had one forever and this is what i use to diagnoise a charging circut. Or you could do the old disconect the battery while the car is running and if the car turns off its running off of the battery

Also I have often heard folks explain they have a newly rebuilt alternator that cant be the problem ,only to find out its an overseas rebuiltd that actually take 4 bad ones to get the good one.


im using a digital voltmeter-tester; bluepoint; and yes i checked it with another vehicle

everything is new except for the rebuilt alternator, and horn relay

i have searched this forum and found that there has been some issue with the main eng harness conector, so i will check that tonight

would a bad amp guage break the circuit?


just to give an update, the alternator extension kit i bought, the grey connector the blue and black wires were backwards!!!:mad

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