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check valve or what



On my 79 behind the carb on top of intake what is the white plastic peace mounted in the vacum line is this a check valve or what is this for whats it 's purpose
Gerald, It's a filter. I don't know what it filters, but that's what it is............Steve
Check valve or what

If the vacuum line your are talking about goes to the brake booster, it is a check valve to protect the booster from fuel vapors and backfires. It will flow with vacuum on it but will check if it gets a pressure pulse such as a backfire and it will close when the engine is off to prevent fuel vapor from entering the brake booster and destroying the diaphram.
It's the vacum hose that go's threw the fire wall
If you've got 1 vacuum line going in from the manifold and 2 going out, 1 to the dash and 1 to the headlights then it's the one-way check valve. Keeps pressure in the headlight system when the engine is shut off I think.

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