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Checkin up =)


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay from 9 weeks ago to today I felt I should give a update on what im doing to my 1985 Corvette (Restoration is one word for it Lol)

All new

Rack and pinion
Clutch (Centerforce Dual Friction)
Pilot Bearing
Throw out bearing
Braided hosing kit
silicon Vac hose kit (colored to car)
Wiring to transmission from switch
alarm (Ungo by Clarion)
Wood dash kit (Rosewood from Ecklers)
Wood passenger side (dash Log GONE YAHOO! Lol)
All seals around doors and roof (Ouch that one hurt)
MSD 8.5 red wiring
MSD 6-L ignition dohickey :cool
MSD Blaster Coil

Some things Ive done

Removed the not so cool Purple paint job on motor :eek
Removed 4 shorts in the dash and doors (boy was that a chore)

Things that are gonna have to happen between now and next year...

A/C not working
Cruise not working( One of which this relay I found has something to do with)
Valve seals (pours blue smoke off start up):r

Things Im dreamin of or hinted at the girlfriend for christmas hehe

New Seats Ahhhhhhh:Twist
Those Spec plates under the hood and on the cupholder cover(from Corvette Central)
MATS!! rear and front
and Sundance Centerline 18x9.5 wheels (all 4 guys) drives way more responsive with the 8.5 removal

Anyway thought Id check in and if anyone has any suggestions or comments GIVE ER! :upthumbs
The more dohickeys the better.

You are well on your way to a really :cool and personalized Corvette.

Yeah Im trying to get some pics made up unfortunatly everythings been going so fast I kinda forgot to get before pics HAHA you guys woulda laughed so hard with that purple motor Lol

Oh yeah forgot these to

New items

TPS sensor
Lower ball Joints (TRW)
Brakes (rotors pads)
And gonna get tires pretty quick here looking at Michlean XGT V4
And to ad to the list

new Mufflers

So lemme know whos better guys (Borla Flowmaster Duramax or someone else mabe)

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