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Checking in from New Jersey


New member
Mar 21, 2021
New Jersey
1979 L-82 Silver Coupe
Hello All! My name is Joe and I am in the process of bringing my Dad’s 1979 Silver L-82 back to life after sitting for 27 years. Engine and drivetrain is finally in order. Now I’m looking for paint that won‘t cost me an arm and a leg. Lol. Great to be a part of such an informative site. Thank you, Joe
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Welcome aboard Joe! :w Love the 79. How about just restoring the paint to it's best as it is? Natural patina is big now and they are only original once. Just a thought. ;shrug
Welcome from S-NJ.My old 78 l82/4Spd was Org Beige but the PO had it repainted Silver,I wish he would of kept it Beige.

I sold the 78 & 85 to Steve Russ,I work with his brother .Another truck driver bought my old 90.
the 78 got repainted Red & got sold in Atlantic City.

the 78 redo is in there his daughter still has the 85.


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WELCOME ! WELOME ! Always had a soft spot for an 85. Sold mine many years ago.
Welcome to CAC!!
sweet looking '79.if the color is just faded,I'd leave it alone.IMHO.

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