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Chevrolet to Roll Out Order Tracking System for Corvette Customers!

Bradan Donaldson

Staff member
Oct 27, 2020
Ventura County, California
2004 Z06

Early this morning, Chevrolet dealers received a 31-page document entitled Corvette CANS Reference Guide and FAQs outlining a new automated system that will keep Corvette customers updated on the status of their Corvette orders.

Some of the highlights and key points outlined in the document are below:

The purpose of this initiative is to build an automated capability to notify customers of their vehicle order status and location using five event / location-based triggers.

Full Story:​

My order has been at event code 3000 since the end of November. This article states "in the rare event you are at event code 3000 for over 28 days". I am there. Not so rare........
I never received a single email notification from GM for my order. I verified with the selling dealer that my email address was included on the submitted paperwork. No biggie because any info I ever asked for about the car's event code / status was usually outdated, or plain out wrong, so no reason to think the email would have correct info.

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