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Christmas present & more Q's

first real driving impressions 1/1/05

Hi Flo, I remember something about M1 oil that old timers knocked it for back in 79 when I rebuilt my 72 LT-1. The discussion was about the oil's inability to "stay" on metal after shut down so that on restart there was less film on parts. The lack of oil film upon start-up was argued because M1 was perceived to be too slippery or it drained too well. I went over the manuals again and Chevy does say if you engage in off-road track usage to switch to synthetics to protect the drivetrain. Anyway, it was a nice day here on Sat. so I couldn't resist going for a ride to begin learning my new vette. After feeding it some Amoco 93 I chased about 50 miles over various roads. Some blacktop highways, some cement ones and even some blacktop secondary two lane twisties. Man that car is sweet! I guess I've been to long in daily drivers and I forgot what a vette can do for your outlook and mood. I even moved the key out of "beginer's mode" for awhile...awesome acceleration when those other nozzles light up! Kinda like afterburners, it was fun! A fuel injected car with secondaries kinda reminds me of my LT-1 when it used to get on the cam and that holley opened wide...it felt like endless power. I think ZR-1's are way cool! It is way more "stuck" than my 72, has way better steering response, the brakes feel very familiar to me (great), the seats I have to learn but they are way better than the 72's. The stereo has bad speaker amps so for now I'll reserve comment. I couldn't here the one in my LT-1, factory side pipes. The tires, which I think are original, make a lot of noise on cement, I mean a lot of noise. How do you tell the OEM rubber? Mine are GY's. The other thing I noticed on unsmooth road is that the bump steer that my LT-1 had at the rear is at both ends of this car. Is that a result of the front transverse spring? If I had to pick one thing I don't like it would be that. However for me that's part of a vette's personality and I'll learn just like I learned on my 72 how to anticipate it. Overall I would have to say it's good to be back having my a** wrapped in fiberglass. It was a most enjoyable two hours! Hope every one that could take their toys out did! Tom
Dear Tom;

Thanks for the info. I am not sure what my guys reasoning was for his comment but I will run it by him next time we chat. He was telling my so many things about my car and other ZR1s that my brain had sensory overload! When I bought my car from a dealer in Missouri, I had him check out everything on it and he explained every little thing to me in great detail. Which I did really appreciate except that unfortunately some (or a lot) of it was over my head, so I don't remember a lot of the details.
I had him work on the car so it was running perfect in every way so I could really enjoy the way this car was supposed to run! Nothing he did was major, since the car was in really good shape, but we changed the Good Years it came with to Yokohama tires and replaced the shocks. What a difference in the ride it made. It handles like a dream and I have very little noise and vibration. I am not sure if it is because the tires are new or that the are Yokohams v/s GY. GY was the original tire for the car, but the other ZR1 owner I know also suggusted the Yokohamas. I am not sure about the front transverse spring thing. Your ZR1 should handle great as long as everything is in order. I never have driven a car that handles better than my ZR1, and that includes a 2000 Lamborgini Diablo! The acceleration is incrediable too! I feel like I am in a rocket!

As far a the interior goes, the seat are lets just say a little "cozy"! Not much room for any holiday weight gain! My only compliant is the stereo. My right back speaker is shot which I have heard is apparently a common C4 problem. I am toying with changing them out to a better system and just storing the original ones. That will have to be done at a later date because I have already spent my "toy" restoration allotment for 2004 and 2005! I had all the weather stripping replaced so that left my pocketbook a little light!

I'm glad you had a nice run with your new baby! We had great weather here down in Maryland yesterday also, so I did a little driving too. I only had about an hour to spare for my drive, but that little bit of driving was better than Prozac. I only went on the highway near my house but I got a chance to let it run for a little while. My ZR1 is bright red and is pretty noticable to the police, so I kept it under 80. They say they are ing down on speeders but at 75 MPH everyone else was still passing me like I was standing still. I wasn't going to take any chances with the holiday weekend, so I behaved. I got my first ticket in ten years last June with all things my "red" Suburban so I need to behave with the ZR1!

I am glad you are enjoying your ZR1. I think they are great cars and hope you keep it for a long time! I am planning on keeping mine until the day I die.

Take care and enjoy the New Year with style!

It's gonna take awhile!

Hi Flo & Bryan,
Flo & Bryan there will be no "kill stories" for quite awhile from me. Today winter is returning so it's covered in the garage & besides it's been about 19 yrs since I drove a vette and it only had four forward gears! I still am arguing with the CAGS about which gear to be in when I want to short shift like I used to do with my LT-1. I would just shift up at low rpms. Anyway I'm finding out how much I need to learn about the car & the way it handles. Yesterday the car did all the work and I just started to experiment with matching rpms to down shifts and hitting apexs towards the end of my two hour lesson. But it was fun to be able to have and drive a car that goes where you point it and stops when you want and gives nine cents change like I remember. I have to learn the linkage and get to where I can go up and down without thinking about it. I still am having a little rust on my left leg/ right arm coordination and getting the feel of the box and the pattern. However it has so much that once you get past the 1-2 shift the power just goes on & on.
I tested out the FX3 sys and it works cause it goes from hard to harder to hardest. I can't find any leaks on the shocks, so I assume what I am feeling is the bump steer that a T-verse spring gives ya. It's a picky point and I admitt it but most of my favorite twisties are not glass smooth. Plus the fuzz hang out on all the major roads so you have a better chance of gett'in pinched there. It is a characteristic of the chassis set up, that's why you see some ZR-1 ads sasying "changed to coil-overs" that solves the bump steer on rough ( read that as anything but glass smooth road ) roads and probably gives more suspension adjustment for the off-road work. The knock on the C3's was bump steer from the rear, so I say it's splitt'in hairs cause on the smooth roads I was on yesterday man was that car buttoned down! I thought I was driving a slot car. The noise from the tires I think is a function of GY's tread pattern and the width. My 72 which had BFG's T/A's probably made similar noise 'cept I couldn't hear it above the side pipes! After 19 yrs of mundane cars it's nice to have something honerable to gripe about!
:D Tom

Good to hear you had a nice day and got out and drove the ZR-1..Sounds like you may still have the GY Eagles, I'm sure they are old and hard by now!!

Its been nice down here also got old Blue out for a 200 mile drive on Sat.
Hi Steve,

Glad to see most of us got to play with our toys! I still can't get the smile off my mug! On a tires note may I bounce this off of you & other ZRoners? I believe that my tires are original, they are GY Eagle ZR on the sidewall. Should I lose them cause 9400 miles in 15 yrs is asking for trouble? I'm gonna call the previous owner and confirm that because I think I remember him saying that they were the OEMs. Replace with GY F1 GS D3's??? Also this is an off the wall question but should I save the tires & rims intact and just buy new rims & tires? I'm afraid for the sensors during dismounting & remounting. Or are the sensors still available somewhere? I read in a thread search just pull the fuse for the cruise and rims w/o sensors can be used. I'm thinking NCRS survivor down the road as most things are there except for the battery & the head lights & A/C refergerant. I have to pull the speakers after I figure out which ones don't work & send them out. I have to see why the driver's window leaks from the top seal, I am ordering the weather seal tool kit from Mr. Killebrew. The GM manuals are coming and I found in a thread by Rob a # for STG I'm going to call and then there is Mr. Copland's air duct I feel I need. I wiped up in the engine bay and my air duct feels very soft to the touch. I expected it to be stiffer than it is? I mean its very supple but I can squeeze it shut with no effort! The funny thing is none of this bothers me it feels like old times with my 72! If I had spent 25K on any other car I would be P O'ed but on a vette ya just can't get mad for too long; too many smiles per mile!
:D Tom

I would go with the GY F1 D3’s you will love them 15-year-old tires are a bit old to be riding around on. In addition, yes keep the old ones they can always be put back on if you ever want it certified.

New wheels would be a personal choice I like the 90 wheel..The LTWS sensors can be removed.. Have the tire shop be very careful and remove them when the tire is off on one side of the rim; it just has a large screw clamp holding it to the wheel.. You can pull the bulbs from the DIC or do a search on the net I know there are a few other ways to disable the LTPW system.

Hi Steve,

I was thinking that if the rubber is OE it is a bit old to be using! I think I'm going to search some tire places for the GS-D3's and look around e-bay for 90 ZR-1 wheels. I like them also. I'll just have to look & see what I can find. I have time but I would like to get a move on so I can be ready for the 05 cruisefest in BG. I figure I have enough to keep me busy for awhile with all the little things I have to do! I think I'll ask my buddy with the porsches where he gets his tires done. Wish those manuals would get here so I can start.

Thanks for the input Steve!:beer
tomtom72 said:
Hi Flo & Bryan,
Flo & Bryan there will be no "kill stories" for quite awhile from me. Today winter is returning so it's covered in the garage & besides it's been about 19 yrs since I drove a vette and it only had four forward gears! I still am arguing with the CAGS about which gear to be in when I want to short shift like I used to do with my LT-1. I would just shift up at low rpms.

I am sure you have heard about the CAGS eliminator? I installed it on my car after fighting with the gear shift logic for the first few months; what a relief. Now I can shift up & down as I like.... It is available from Ecklers, and pretty easy to install.

Cheers bud,

Hi Selim, I didn't know what CAGS was till I read the manual! I will check out Eckler's. That thing is a PITA! Thanks for the heads up!
I have the goodyear gs d3s and love them. They stick to the road so hard that if there is the smallest groove in the pavement that the front tire try to follow it. That took some getting used to, especially at slow speeds when the wheel trys to turn itself. They are a little loud on some roads and less so on others. It must have to do with the type of pavement. When I got mine about a year ago they could not be found on tirerack or even locally. A GM dealer called goodyear and had to have them shipped from the factory. I would think supply would have caught up with the demand by now.
See you in BG in June.
Hi Denny,

Thanks for the review on the D3's! I kinda trust GY as they were the ones to do the OE tires. I've read the reviews and have had other owners tell me how pleased they were with them. I think those are the choice i'm going with. I found them on the rack and all I need now is to contact some of their recommended local installers and hook it all up. This may turn out better than I expected cause it seems their installers take drop shippments.
Thanks, Tom
CAGS is truely a PITA... You do not actually need the CAGS eliminator. You can just unplug the 1 to 4 solenoid in the transmission and cover the ends with electric tape. The eliminator is a nice looking part and makes it tidy after the modification.
F1Super Car tires. Much better and alot more expensive than the F1GSD3's. My opinion .
Hi Frank,

Okay now I gotta go back and look up the threads on tire tests. I thought the GS-D3's were a direct replacement for the Eagle ZR's that came on a ZR-1?? I have heard of the F1 SuperCar tire but was not aware that it was intended for the C4? Forgive my ignorance it has been awhile for me, long time between vettes and lots of vetteless yrs. All this is new to me, but I'm trying to get caught up. Just to give a measure of how far behind I am, my 72 LT-1 had a set of pirelli ( sp? ) CN36's in VR ! Now that's old school!!

Hi Tom

I have a set of GSD3's on the 91 and F1S/C's on the 93. Big difference. The only down side to the S/C's is the price and they are a bit noisey on certain roads. The GSD3's are better in the rain. Both tires are direct replacement's for the ZR1. I beleive Hib has a great write up on both .
Hi Frank,

Thank you for the help! I looked up the threads from Mr. H & yes it's as you say about the intended applications. It's nice to have this site & the people here or I would be wandering around in the dark! I kinda lean toward wet performance as hydroplaining is not my idea of fun and the price is a bit steep on the F1SC's. The wet performance was the reason for the CN36's on my 72, they were patterened after Pirelli's rain rallye tire.

I have another question. Is there a secret to dismounting a tire on a LTPWS rim? Is there a specific place you don't want to stick the tire bar? Or is it just luck that you don't hit the sensor attached to the hose clamp? The reason I ask is that 90 ZR-1 rims seem hard to come by in the aftermarket. If I find that my rubber is OE I would like to save the tire/wheel intact and just go get new wheels & tires. Thanks, Tom

There is a decal on the wheel this is where the LTPWS is located on the inside. Have them break it down half way and remove the sensor before removing the tire all the way

Hi Steve,

Thank you! I should have figured there would be some tell-tail from GM. I got my shop manuals late yesterday & started reading some selected sections. I ran thru one section about the sensor location, supposed to be opposite the valve stem. I didn't see anything mentioned about the decal, kinda figures as my mechanic friend used to say not every thing is in the shop manuals cause they're not written for beginners! Man is this car more complicated than my 72!! About the only thing that has not changed is that the car is still a jig-saw puzzel, both mechanically & electrically now. I remember on my 72 most seemingly simple things involved moving other things out of the way before you get to what you wanted to work on in the first place. I thought at first my 72 was a complicated set of interlocking pieces, this car is way beyond that one! Whose idea was it to hide plugs 7 & 8? Looks like I'm going to Sears with a list of tools just for this car! Good thing I have all winter to eye ball this beast, maybe by spring I'll have learned something!


Plug 8 is the hard one..But on the ZR-1 you have a two part air box just so you can get to plug 8. There is a post on changing plugs on the zr1 net that is very good...check it out.

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