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Christmas present & more Q's

Need Help...Wheel offset #'s

Hi guys,
I have a question. Where would I find the wheel offset measurements for a 90 ZR-1? I looked thru both owner's manuals and I've looked at the wheel section of the GM service manual and I can't find those #'s. It seems that when I look at reproduction wheels some companies list two front and two rear offset #'s. Also some wheel Cos. seem to list a range for the offset on the product they offer. I know I don't know enough about this, and the GM Ser Man says the wrong wheel can damage the Fr & R wheel bearings. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn what I need to know?

Thanks, Tom:confused
Another Q from a rookie

Hi All,
This is a issue I don't know anything about: Scan Testers, Vetronix Tech 1A to be specific.
Two Questions:
1.) If you see in a ad for a used Vetronix Tech 1A the term "includes GM 1984-1996 cartridge" is that the software to talk to a ZR-1's ECM?
2.) If you need to buy software will Vetronix sell to a 'shade tree' guy or is this "for sale to the trade only" merchandise?
The reason for the Q's is I am giving serious thought to buying a Tech1A to help me with my ZR-1. Thanks for any light thrown my way! Tom
Hi Steve, I here ya about Gordon's school. My order is pending with them for the relay tester & the book with the jumpers to get "tow or go", weatherstrip tool, hood tool and the hood light switch & Vols. 1 & 2 questions. I also am signing up for the school on my vacation next year, gonna try to do the whole thing from beginners to ZR-1's in one shot.

I was thinking that Mr. H said the tech1A vetronix was the deal to have for the scanning of the on board electronics. I just figured if I could get one used and if vertronix would sell me software for a C4/ZR-1 I would be able to do diagnostics at least. I guess it's a bit much to bite off but I figure I got to learn eventually so I might as well have the right equipment. Thanks for the input.

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