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Code question


72 Bluz

On the little aluminum piece inside the door, there are several codes which describe paint color, etc along with the VIN. I can't find what E10 represents in my Black Book, nor can I find anything resembling E10. I don't think my eyesight is that bad. Can someone determine what this code means?

72 Bluz
Born on date

72, I am guessing that that is you build date. For some reason, they didn't bother to include that in the black book. There is another book that has those date codes in it, but I loaned it out and haven't got it back yet. I am, again, guessing that the build date is Dec 10th 1971if your VIN is lower then 510310........................Steve
Thanks, Steve. My VIN is below 501310. That makes sense.

72 Bluz

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