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color code for collector edition



hi guys:)....im new here..and i was wondering about the exterior color code for the CE..

cuz i want to repaint my car and i want to use the exact color.

Your paint codes and interior trim code is on the trim plate on the drivers door hinge post. The CE paint code was 59 for the special Silver-Beige and the interior code was 592 for the silver-beige leather. This was exclusive to the CE.


q8summer.... Welcome to the CAC. You will generally find quick responses to any question you may have, such as Tom's quick answer. He is correct with those codes. Question: Are you in Kuwait now with the '82CE or just stationed there?
Good luck and once again.... Welcome.

.......... Nut

Take a couple of minutes and check the 1982 Spec Sheet right here at the Specifications pages ;)

We have an awesome Corvette Website here, aside from our Forum section.. Just click on 1982 Spec Sheet in the previous sentence and you'll be amazed ;)

Another 82 :J. Welcome to the CAC.


Thank you guys for your quick replies:)...that spec sheet was really great..
Im from Kuwait...and im also a member of Kuwait Corvettes Club...founded in 1999...we are about 30 corvettes ranging from 1966 till 2002.
taking part in national occasions and social events.
of course the number of corvettes in Kuwait is far more than 30...but i believe my CE is the only one here!:)
thanx again:)
Welcome, your DUPONT paint codes are, exteriorD8259G,Interior,D8259J,taillightD8262J,interior brownD8262J taillight is a single stage flex add for front and rear caps Dupont2322S interior brown useadd305S med gloss.

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