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Color Schmuller


Joe Iannarone

I'm kinda surprised at all the controversy over colors, logos etc. when what REALLY matters is why a 50th Anniversary package isn't available with the LS6 motor. My mind is boggled by the fact that some Chevy execs somewhere decided that the premium version of the only sports car that matters shouldn't be the focus of an unprecedented 50 year production run celebration. Oh well, ordered my 50th ragtop anyway. Know anyone who want's a deal on a 2001 coupe?


Lol - you're dead on the money! :SLAP Even though I didn;t get my favorite color - Gold, love the color. It would be great to have the 405hp in the Anniversary - the last C5 in all probability. No Z06 for next year either. If I could get the just the engine in my convertible, I'd get it. :J
Also I truly miss Seattle. I hope I can get up there soon with the new AE. Cya!
:beer :w

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