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column lock bypass install (sounds like clicking from fuse box area)



installed the column lock bypass, and everything went fine. now when i start the car, it kind of sounds like there is a quick clicking sound when i start the car or turn it off. definitely sounds like it is coming from the passenger side fuse box area. i slightly remember this sound from being stranded 3 times and removing fuse #25 to reset the digital display. sound normal to anyone or not at all. thanks.
Hi there,
You may be hearing the internal relays in the BCM attempting to operate the column lock. Remember, that the lock bypass does NOT provide adequate electrical load on the BCM.
This, in turn, may create other issues, not associated with normal column lock operation from the BCM.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
what exactly could that mean in the long run. i really did not have a choice, chevy was going to charge like $400, and this had happened four times to me in a month. i got lucky each time. thanks for the help.
how would i know if the bcm went bad like you are stating. would the car not run or what?
when you say "you would know", do you mean the car would not run, start, or what. thanks again.

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