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(commentary) left/right cameras on rear for backing out

Gaming Glen

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Apr 16, 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
1996 Grand Sport convertible, 2003 red coupe
After putting my C4's transmission into reverse to back out of a parking stall I looked left and right to notice I'm parked between two walls... er, SUVs. So while inching backwards and hoping no impatient drivers were speeding through the parking lot I thought about the rearview camera in new cars and realized they do no good in this situation. I was wondering if this might be a new feature some day. Anyway, it's just a thought.
Sounds like a good idea....the only thing I see as a "but" is how to hide them, so they don't stick out? I know they could be integrated into a new design taillight, but retro-fitting them into most vehicles would be raather difficult.

Now, in my 2014 Cadillac CTS it has sensors to check just for that and the camera is pretty wide as well.
I agree, new car designs would be quite doable, retro-fitting would not look good.
I wouldn't want the cameras to be "fish-eye" types as the distortion makes it difficult to judge distance and speed.
my 2019 High Country has one integrated into the tail gate handle as well as the bumper sensors.They do a good job of letting know when something is there if you dont .

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