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computer chips?



ok heres the deal,i wanted to buy a hypertech 2 and thermostat
but ive recentley heard that its a waste of money.because all it does is make the fans come on sooner ,and to get real performance i need to get my chip custom burned? i dont know please tell me your ideas and if you have either one was there any improvment.

if anyone knows somebody that burns chips please let me know also thanks
I would have to disagree sanman. The hypertech Stage II has improved performance on the 85 in addition to the benefits of running cooler.

You may want to try TPIS. I think they do custom chips $$$$$:eek
But the vette's worth it,Right?:cool
yeah shes worth the money,if the hypertech does the same job
then thats fine.i guess iam trying to find out how much differance there is between the two,and is a chip even worth buying?
Chip Needed!

Hi Sanman,

If you want a custom chip done, call FORMATO FASTERPROMS at 813-253-0961. Or visit their website at Formatofasterproms.com.

These people have been in business along time and have the experience to do what you want at reasonable prices.

hey stan thanks for the info,i called and they where very helpful
and i got the info i needed,i talked to jeremy and hey they know you down there,thanks again new chip coming soon.
Glad to help!!!

Your welcome................

They are good people!!

Thanks Rich!!!

Everytime someone ask me for their web site, I always put their name in there ahead of fastproms.

Bad habit.......... Thanks again for the correction Rich!!!

Yeah but it's $500 for the first PROM and $150-$200 for updates.
That's all well and good if you made some serious mods to your car. But for a stock Vette with a K&N filter setup and exhaust mods that's a pretty steep price. I could see it if I did major work.
Just an opinion.
I have -92 CE, totally stock exept TB airfoil and TPiS air filter.
I have ordered a stage 3 chip from TPiS. I´m going to install it together with an adjustable fuelpressure regulator, new TPiS sparkpug wires, Boch + 4 sparkplugs, a cooler thermostat and a stainless catback exhaust system manufactured by a company here in Sweden called Ferrita. I´ll let you know if i notice any imprivement in torque/acceleration/gas mileage e.t.c when i have installed it. The problem right now is that we still have snow here, so i have to wait at least a month before i can take my yellow toy for a spin.! :D
Why Stage 3 chip?

If memory services me correctly,the stage 3 chip from TPIS was setup to run with a car that had no convertors?!Did I understand that you still have convertors on your car??

I believe that stage two chip was setup for the arrangement you have done on your car at the present. Better double check this with TPIS.

Also I would mention that you are living outside the US and the gasoline refinement processing maybe a little different where you from here.

Hope these suggestion maybe of help.

Stan A
vms4evr said:
Yeah but it's $500 for the first PROM and $150-$200 for updates.

I was quoted $375 + $15 s/h for first programming, and $150 + $15 s/h for each thereafter. Not quite as bad, but still steep. If the TPIS ones are $300 or so and are within a couple HP at the peak (don't know if they are, just saying), then IMHO the Fasters aren't worth the extra.
  • TPI Specialties
  • Level II = $375.00
  • Level III = $450.00
  • Level IV = $495.00
  • Level V = $575.00
  • Level VI This is for motors with the Mini-Ram. Because of the programming necessary, they are calling them Level "VI" for bookeeping purposes only. All Mini-Ram Proms are priced the same as Level V. ($575.00)

_ken :w
Ken said:
  • TPI Specialties
  • Level II = $375.00
  • Level III = $450.00
  • Level IV = $495.00
  • Level V = $575.00

  • One other important thing to note - with TPIS, the original owner can upgrade between levels for only the cost difference plus shipping - so level II to level IV would only be $120, for example.

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