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Coolant leak



Just picked up a coolant leak from my '86 L98.

It appears to be coming from a little 4 in. long, 3/8 in. dia. metal tube which screws by a nut onto a fitting at the right rear of the engine on the intake mainfold, next to the EGR tube.

The other end of the tube is connected by a 5/8 in. dia hose and clamp, which is then connected by clamp to another metal tube which heads into the firewall behind the right front wheel.

I originally thought the hose was leaking, so I replaced it and the clamps. But, to no avail. The leak is coming from the tube nut connection to the manifold. (And it looks like a real bear to get at).

I can't find a schematic or description for this little tube in the '86 Chevy repair manual. Does anyone know what this tube and fitting is called, not to mention the part number?

Thanks for your help.
I looked at my 86' and that pipe looks like it could be replaced using a piece of brake line tubing that comes pre-flared, you just have to cut it and bend it to fit. Does look difficult to get out though, especially if the steel flare nut is seized to the aluminum manifold.

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