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Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?


Jan 26, 2011
Council Bluffs, Iowa
1986 Bright Red Pace Car
Can you offer any hints as to how to remove the intake manifold on my 86?
It's been leaking coolant for years and I'm hearing the gaskets were poor, break down and need to be replaced.
A mechanic said from my symptoms, a 95% probability new gaskets will cure the leak. Any hints as to removing the intake?
Just start removing things? Injectors removed? Throttle body off? Try to remove the plenum first? Any hints?
Thank you,
have you ever done any mechanical work like this before? If not your biting off quite a chunk ,especially if you don't have the service manual.
Thanks for the reply. I have a factory GM Vette service manual. Nothing about removing. It looks like a big job and I can probably do it. It is just new territory for me. I was hoping for some hints that could guide me. My background is carbs.

I guess I will remove obvious hoses, cables, small stuff, then:

<Remove the throttle body
<Remove the plenum bolts, see if it will lift off.
<Remove the runners, see if they will come out.
<Remove the manifold being careful to work the injectors loose gently.
< A lot of scraping, care about debris, bead blasting, clean up.
<Assembly with quality gaskets.
I'm just not sure about details.
the removing part may be in a diff section , manual is set up a little weird
search the index. Think it is in there

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