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Correct spark plugs


Louis Bartay

Good idea, I can see you know what you are doing as a lot of kids post really silly things only to Blow Up a engine with NOS. Do you have any pictures and have you any 1/4 mile times? With that Much HP a stock Dana Vette rear breaks really fast as I bet you know. Next year I will make my last house payment and I too am going with a bigger engine and a Super Charger. I am tired of Vipers blowing by me. I do get even as I have a Suzuki GSXR1300 (Busa) that runs the high 9's in the 1/4 at 142MPH. I love kicking Vipers etc (anything my Vette won't beat) working man's payback to the rich guys.

Black Bart

Your bike sounds like fun. This past summer I sold mine. I had what I called a Killersaki. It was a cow bored out to 1300 and I had blower grind cams and a ray-jay turbo with O-ringed block I had the waste gate set at 20 lbs. boost.
I sold it after I found out what my problem was with motorcycles. When I lift my leg that high to get on it disengages my brain. So I sold it before everyones prediction came true. Everyone who knows me kept telling me I was going to kill myself :D
Hope this link works for you.


Louis Bartay

My first bike was a new 1965 Honda S-90( I was 15) and over the years I have worked my way up. I was sales manager at D&D Performance Exhaust for years. I had a KZ1000J model Kaw traded it in for a new 1980 GS1100E Suzuki (first DOHC with four vale head) My brother had a GPZ1100 Kaw and my Suzuki would smke it. Then he got a Kaw 1100 Turbo, that bad boy ran hard to be stock and a two valve head. We have been going back and forth for years. It seems motorcycles are like PC's every year there is a new Faster one. Kaw now has a new ZX1400, I am waiting to see what it does ( I may trade for one of them) The ZX12R runs right with my Busa so the new 1400 should be the new Bad Bike.

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