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Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 15 Years

Thank you everyone!

I have several projects in the pipeline that I'll be working on over the course of this year:

  1. Continue adding more service bulletins and technical information to the Knowledgebase. I have stacks of stuff - I just need the time to enter it.
  2. The Garages section in the forum will eventually get moved to a new software package. The current one that we have is no longer in development and it's basically held together with spit and scotch tape. So far, I haven't found a suitable software package, but I'm keeping my eyes open.
  3. Corvette Club listings are moving from the Portal (tab at the top in the navigation bar) to a new listing section with much greater capability. As with the Garages software, the Portal software is no longer in development. The new Corvette Club listing section has Google maps incorporated into it. So not only will have have Corvette club descriptions and contact information, you'll be able to see exactly where the Club is located and you can easily search for clubs in your area. You can check out the new section here: Places | Corvette Action Center
  4. L81 Vette Registry: last year, Bud gave me a copy of the L81 Vette Registry database. I have it installed and it's linked from the 1981 Corvette Data Center under the Specs tab above. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the member login system to work. As a result, I'm going to convert the L81 Vette Registry into the same format that the C6 Corvette ZR1 Registry has - again, found under the Specs tab above. So, the L81 Vette Registry will continue.
  5. Speaking of the C6 Corvette ZR1 Registry - I'm going to be re-coding that section in order to take into account Canadian ZR1 exports and their related prices and window sticker descriptions.

I think that's it in a nutshell. So I've got a lot planned and the CAC will continue to grow! :thumb
Congrats Rob... It's been a looong and wonderful ride!!! I don't post too much but I read a lot and I hope I'll be here for life, thanks for a nice site to keep learning more and more about our vettes!!! :thumb
Congratulations Rob - you deserve all the kudos for the site. I am fortunate that I attended the Cruise Fests, beginning in Colorado Springs. You are correct, I met CACers, including you, and maintained a lasting friendship with them. Maybe sometime in the future we can have a re-union Cruse Fest where we just get together and tell tall tales. Wouldn't have to have many activities. Could do it at the NCM as a "club visit" and let the NCM do most of the planning.

I recommend the site to every Corvette person I meet. This is just the best site out there - no one can even come close, thanks to you and your administrators and moderators. Look forward to being a member for years to come.

BTW - do you really own a red 1990 ZR-1?

BTW - do you really own a red 1990 ZR-1?

This subject has been debated numerous times, Barrett. Along with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs, some things require a bit of faith.

I enjoy this site a lot. I lurk a long time at any site before I join or post. I belong to a variety of other sites where my post could is zero. This place and its members are great.

Thank you Rob for all you do.
this subject has been debated numerous times, barrett. Along with bigfoot, the loch ness monster and ufos, some things require a bit of faith.


Late getting this in, but a big Thank You to Rob for all you have done building this terrific website! :BOW

Great reference site for valuable information. Thanks for putting together andmaintaining this info for us enthusiast.



Great reference site for valuable information. Thanks for putting together and maintaining this info for us enthusiast.


You're welcome. Thank you Art!! :thumb
Many thanks to Rob. He has built the BEST Corvette website on the planet. I wouldn't have gotten to meet so many great Corvette enthusiasts without it. Thank you.
How Time Flies

Thanks for all of your efforts and the time you spend keeping this site the best.


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