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Cracking of glass t-tops



My car has ths CC1 option of glass t-tops. Someone told me that if the car was jacked up or put on a lift that the tops could be cracked. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
no experience, just heard things

I've heard that this can happen when a car is improperly jacked up. Because these cars have so much flex to them, if you jack one corner up very high, and 'twist' the car, you can damage your t-tops. On a flat lift hoist, I see no problems...

Some people keep the t-tops latched and windows rolled up, others roll down the windows and loosen the t-tops, while still others remove the t-tops entirely before lifting.

My car has never suffered damage, but I don't have glass t-tops. Maybe someone else here will have correct information.

My 77 also has the G.M. cancelled CC1 Moonroofs option. I never made a fuss about the removel or the unlatching of the tops during jacking or raising the vehicle. However, I recently had the tops restored; repainting, glass polishing and new weatherstrips. With the new weatherstrips I had to change the shims on the pins for proper fit and this seemed to tighten the top up a bit. So, in the future I will unlatch the tops just to play it safe. If the glass would happen to crack it leaves the top useless as no repairs to the glass can be made and replacement of the glass is impossible due to the curve and shape of said glass. NOS glass would have to found to make the repair and I have never seen a listing for NOS glass for the Moonroofs. I have seen NOS unpainted Moonroofs listed in the past but the price was very high.

Corvette Orange 77, Rick
I've never heard of this. Now I'm wondering if I have just been real lucky over the last 20 years or am I just very good at raising the '81. :L

Glass tops

I to, have glass tops. Never heard of this until an exhaust shop said they must do it to prevent cracking the glass. I had been jacking the car up maybe a hundered times before with no problems.

But,....Now I have been un-latching the tops and leaving the windows wherever they may be at the time prior to jacking up the car. Only takes a minute to do.

New tops are VERY expensive :eek

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