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Darn thang won't run!


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Mar 26, 2001
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
1962 CORVETTE-SOLD 2004 Z16 Z06 CE

I can't think of anything I can buy for $.069, not even an air freshener, without the vette logo! Seriously good luck and be sure to watch everything Donna takes out of the rear so you can put it back in right.:confused As far as the fuel injection, stock and todays version, two totally different animals as you know. Mine is not stock and never will be, it's MY driver. I respect those who go that route, but it's not for me. I have a friend doing a 57 for the last ten years and even he's lost count of the $$$. Every time I stop over his garage in my 62, he swears he's one step closer to forgeting the back to every nut and bolt original and putting it back to driver status so he doesn't lose the next ten years. Keep up the good work and let us know about the rear.



Well, it was less than $.69-- we couldn't get the right drum off despite using an 8 lb. mallet and some brut force.:bash

Damn thing wouldn't even budge. Swore it was bolted on!

Left side drum came off easy. Tried swapping rims-- noise still there, intermittently when driving at low speeds or braking. Rear end has plenty of lube (limited slip differential).

Really convinced the noise/problem coming from right drum. Gotta be loose brake shoe.

Considering renting a huge puller. Any suggestions?

On a separate note, am I correct in saying that the car should not have a clutch fan on it? Rick (YES, this is Donna. Now Rick is making me type also!!;)) says that it's running hot at low speeds, indicating that the fan is not pulling enough air through the radiator.

On a positive note, the car's running the best it has since we bought it. Took it out for a night cruise along the lake. Awesome! As usual, we got a lot of hoots and howls from young and old. Can't understand the 1 & 2 ratings on the Hot Ride or Not site!!

Donna & Rick (as it should be... I've earned the right since I've moved up from "tool time girl"):beer

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
Fans and tops

Donna and Rick,
There, I got it right. The fan clutch was an option in 1960, RPO121. In '61 it became standard and in '62 it was also on all engines. There were 2 part numbers but they were used optionally on the line. In other words, which ever one was available. When your engine is cold the fan should turn and when you shut off your engine when it is hot the clutch should be locked. The idea was to allow the fan blade to free wheel when it wasn't needed so as to not suck horspower.

Are all of the fan shroud pieces there? What does your radiator core look like inside? You might ad some Water Wetter. NASCAR guys use it (Silver too I think) and it drops the running temp considerably.

BTW Donna. There are a lot of nice solid axles in this month's Corvette and Chevy Trader. Also look in Hemmings Motor News. I know there is one just waiting for you.

Rear bow latches on the rear top lid are an over center device and do get worn around the hinge pin to where they won't latch down tight. Since you didn't mention it I take it the the front bow lines up ok and the pins go in the windshield frame without any problem. If the side roof rail is too high at top of the door glass loosen the 2 nuts on the main frame mount, not the ones on the narrow arm. Lower the frame a little and tighten them. Check fit. You may have to do this over and over. Once you get the roof rail down on the door glass where it belongs rhe rear bow should be able to contact the deck.

If it contacts the deck but won't stay latched it may be necessary to loosen and lower the wire loop catch on the rear bow. It doesn't have to clamp any harder that to seal the weatherstrip.

It takes a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. I have decided that the best time to fit the top frame is before the new top is inslalled. It would be very hard to move the front bow forward, if needed, after the top cover is secured.

Good luck.

P.S. Add engine block to your list of items needed to get the car ready for judging. Your block was cast about a month after your car was built. Dates, dates, dates, everything has dates including the castings on any FI unit you might buy. I wonder if that Ram Jet 350 will fit under the hood. Driving is more fun than fussing over dates and bolt head logos.

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