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datamaster, glowing red headers. gurus please help


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Aug 26, 2014
1994 base,metallic blue with custom wide body
well this is the start of this thread and the newbie questions and eye rolling... i'll just get out of the way now.

this is a first for me i have never messed with software/programming so please no abbreviations... talk to me like a child lol

i loaded the masterdata and already I'm stumped on even getting it to read the pcm( see picture) it says the adla cable is good but the ecm is not reading.

the issue I'm trying to resolve is after the first start the headers got hot enough to turn red. tune was done by pcmforless. moving it from the barn to the garage it was not very responsive either. any info would be great. guys I've built carbed motors plenty of times and know for some its no different for fuel injection ... but for me.. i'm just lost trouble shooting this issue. really hoping the datamaster will lead me in the right direction.
I'd contact TTS and make sure you've got the right version of Datamaster.

1994/1995 Corvette with VIN P was part of the early roll out of OBD2. Your ECM may have a flash prom or EE-prom rather than an E-Prom.

Regardless, if you're headers turned red just idling in the shop after a first start up, either the fuel is way off or the spark is way retarded. Be careful with both as engine damage can occur.

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