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Hello from MD


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Oct 9, 2017
BaltoWash MD
1993 40th Anniversary Coupe
Hello from Prince George's County Maryland!

I have a 1993, 40th Anniversary, Coupe. My father was the second owner and when he passed in 2011, I wound up not having the heart to get rid of it.

At the time, my brother and I planned to sell it as it needed a lot of work. It had been sitting in Dad's pole barn for four or five years at that point and rodents had gotten to the interior and into the engine compartment. Our long-time mechanic, who knew a bit about the history behind the car came out to the house, pulled it out of the barn, and hauled it to his shop. He didn't even want to put it inside the building and I don't blame him. Aside from the fact that the interior smelled horrible, we didn't know what the local squirrel population had chewed through. He put a charger on it, but didn't feel as though he wanted to leave it unattended so he unplugged it that night and hooked it up again in the morning. Nothing burned up, although the battery turned out to be shot. He cleaned out the airbox, put in a battery, and the thing started right up, five-year-old gas and all. Much to everyone's surprise! It also blew crap out of the tailpipe for quite a bit. He did the state inspection and at that point, I took it and had some folks take a stab at the interior. They got it livable, if not saleable.

The car needed a bit more work so I dragged the car to MD. Before I realized what was going on with the computer (more later) I had a mechanical switch put on the primary cooling fan. In hind-site, I think it would have been easier and better to replace the relay, but I was warned that this was an issue with the F-cars. (You pays your money and you takes your chances, I guess.) At the same time, I also had it switched over to regular coolant and had the A/C converted. I put tires on it, replaced the "Cigar Lighter" socket, a new antenna mast, and the driver's side window regulator. Amazingly little for a car that was in the condition that it was in when it came out of the barn.

Then came the getting-rid-of-it part. The thing is, I had ridden in the car with Dad once, right after he got it. He was quite proud of the car and enjoyed showing off the electronics and the creature comforts. And going fast. He offered to let me drive it, but I was not inclined to take a chance on dinging his toy! Long story short, that memory means more to me than I thought and I've still got the car, although it's been off the road for the last year. Prior to that, it was pretty reliable though. The odor went away and my wife and I both enjoyed driving it. She wears the car well. Me? Well I enjoy the heck out of the thing when it's on the road.

About two years ago the car started showing some electronic issues. Lots of check-engine, ABS, SYS, and Service ASR lights flashing at somewhat random intervals. I learned how to pull the codes and the dear little beastie was setting codes that didn't exist! Then last year, the car started cutting out randomly at stop signs and then began being very hard to start. The mechanic that I used said that the car wouldn't stay connected to his computer any more. So I pulled the ECM and sent it off to be refurbished. (Turns out that 1993 computers are 1)notorious for cracked solder and (2)impossible to find.) It came back and this spring I put it back in.

That reduced the codes to three, I think... The engine coolant temperature sensor was bad. That's fixed. It was my first experience with a handheld diagnostic computer and an FSM. And the first time I've turned a wrench on a motor for a very long time. I think the handheld paid for itself on that one job too. If not then: I'm troubleshooting a courtesy light issue right now and that oughtta do it.

Things left to do:

  • The driver's side window regulator again. Not sure what the deal is but I'm wondering if they actually replaced it or just tapped it with a hammer. I've got the door apart right now waiting for the regulator from Ecklers. I took both doors apart to look at the wiring anyway, so it's not wasted time.
  • Driver's door electrics were acting up. Hopefully having taken it apart and putting it back together will resolve that.
  • Fix the radio antenna so that it goes all the way down!
  • Inspect, Repair or Replace Shock Actuators (This one may go to a specialist, although the actuators don't look too inaccessible..)
  • Rebuild shocks?
  • Repair the seat lumbar supports on the driver's side (and pax?)
  • Detail inside and outside. It's been a couple of years and it's time.
  • Get the paint / clear coat fixed

Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded.

Wow, incredible story! Welcome to the Corvette Action Center! :w
Wow! Welcome to CAC. :w It is so cool that you have found those connections with your father in his old car. Is the car a real anniversary model (ruby red w ruby interior)? If so, I love those. Sounds as though you have the FX3 adjustable shocks. I had those on my 94 and they were pretty cool once I got them all working. I sent my shocks back to Bilstein to have them rebuilt. As for the actuators, I can't remember where I sent those to have fixed. The little gears in actuator had been broken as well as the ones on the top of the shocks.

Pictures, we LIKE pictures! :D
Welcome to CAC!!
what a great story!!!
What a great story. I have a 1968 GTO convertible that I've owned since it was new. I only hope that one of my kids will step up to ownership of my car the way you have stepped up to your Dad's. Mine currently doesn't need anything, so their task will be much simpler.

Frank Hamilton

Thanks for the kind welcome, folks. Yes, it's Ruby-red with that beautiful dark-red interior.

I'll share this picture now, but it will be another story in a couple of weeks, as I hope to have the thing back on the road very soon!

I love Rubies! I hope you get it back together like new soon.:thumb
Welcome to the CAC

Great story. I sounds like you are getting an education.


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