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Dec. 2008: It's time for Americans to take their blinders off

Detroit Quality

Come on Rob, get real. Just because JD Power says they are good we should all go out and buy one. JD Power is nothing more than a big joke. They are hired by anyone who wants there product rated. JD Power is in business to make money. If they are hired by a company to evaluate their product do you really believe that JD Power is going to give them a negative review? You always get what you pay for, and if you pay enough you can get them to say the Chevy Vega was one of the best economy cars ever built. :puke
guess what nancy and barney will be designing your next corvette. do you think that the libs are going to allow GM to build a 638 HP 205 MPH car ???? people wanted change and they are going to get more change than they ever imagined.
Very well put WB9MCW, One would think that after 233 years we'd learn something. But as sheeple we allow the wealthy to decide the furure course for us. History is almost like Math, When you do as you did, you get what you'v got. J.D Power is a company, a business, paid to do research on other businesses. What do you think their going to find? If you doubt this, Look at the good ol. BBB The Better Business Bureau, in every major city and town. Do you know who pays for the Better Business Bureau to operate? The regional Business community. Knowing this, using common logic, how do you think their going to find if you have a dispute with a business? And don't get a headache trying to figure this one out. Just look at Cuba, fifty years ago yesterday, Fulgencio Batista ' El Mulato Lindo' fled Cuba, do you know who left with him? Cuba's wealthy, and Cuba's wealth. If your a purist, look at America, Thomas Jefferson, a nice guy, reasonable and optimistic, he said "Banking establishments are more dangerous than a standing army!" Fast forward to the begining of the twentieth century, another wise individual said " There is no tyranny facing this country, more dispised and vile than that of wealth." Teddy Roosevelt, the only American president to be awarded the Congressional medal of honor. So if anyone out there thinks that a soul on GM's fourteenth floor is interested in saving the company, then they are few and far apart. I'm quite sure Mr. Wagoner has sold his stock and has his assets in offshore accounts and is perhaps hoping something incredible happens soon after January 20th. But just in case,.... If General Motors is saved, it'll be by some lone soldier down the ranks. I hope so. If this country is to make it to 333 years, it's going to take a something incredible as well. A PA politician once told me, "Wealthy people don't vote, they move!" There's 85 days and counting, I'm hoping their well used.

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