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December 2006: The Web of Deception

I agree with that--the test mules don't look like much of a car, so who cares about those pics (any test mule photos, genuine or fake). I want to see the real thing, in full color, preferably DSOM.

Yep. Spy shots, by definition, are speculation, even when they are real. Companies can go back to the drawing board post spy shot release, so there really wasn't anything at stake here. We didn't lose any information by these being revealed as fakes.

I also don't think anyone was truly "tricked" or proven to be a "thoughtless Corvette fanatic" by thinking these were real. This would happen to any fan group, about any car. The "tricked" party had absolutely no way to know otherwise, so I do not find it a true "trick". A truly clever trick has to allow some kind of evidence to be seen before the trick is revealed. Then if you miss that evidence, you can be proven as tricked, as you should have looked closer and with a more critical eye.
Let me propose a solution to the question of whether there really is a SS/Stingray/SSR/Z07/Blue Devil "supposed test mule" or not: GM can drop off their fictional vehicle at my house for a few days, I'll drive it for a few days, and then report whether it truly exists! I promise to tell the truth. Fair?
I think that Winding Road missed the opportunity to make a positive impact (if at all possible) with this "stunt". It would've been a positive effect if they came-out clean about their intentions with an accompanying article to the release of their make-believe photos. In this way, they could have shared their opinion, generated positive discussion on the subject, and perhaps make their voice be heard maybe at the G.M. level while possibly moderating ideas on the design of their super Vette.

As it turns-out, it was a worthless and wasted effort that would make Carlos Mencia say "tit tit tit" :L


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