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Question: Deck height on stock engine?


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Jan 10, 2011
Cape Girardeau, MO
Very interesting!

Never heard of MVMA - out of curiosity what is it?

I noted some of the volume or dimension descriptions included
the word "minimum" - such as, notably, the comb chamber volume was
listed as minimum of 73.something, where the normally accepted
figure is 76. Sort of like the NHRA blueprint specs for the 190 hp 350 Chevy,
they list various values as a minimum which sometimes vary from published
nominal figures.
NHRA Stock Car Engine Blueprint Guide

One other thing I read earlier this evening was that, supposedly, the L48 350 Chev
was the same mechanically as the L81. The addition of the electronic engine control
was reportedly what prompted the new classification. But I still couldn't find much
detail on the L48, except for the common things like hp, torque, compr ratio, etc.

Just FYI - I use Firefox with an add on called Web Of Trust which
notifies an internet user of potentially dangerous websites that have
a reputation for malware etc - it identified that link as in the most
dangerous category. Altho, I downloaded and scanned the page
with a very good AV and 2 very good anti-malware apps and found
it clean. And it got thru a couple filters in my browser, my efirewall,
and my router firewall. So I guess that file, at least, is OK.
You might want to take strong security precaution if connecting to
or especially downloading from that site.
Apr 29, 2001
Rio Rancho, NM
1981 HD Suspension; ZN1 Option
MVMA = Motor Vehicles Manufacturers Association.

The fact that they list the chamber size as 73.27 CC's as the minimum size is to highlight the fact that chamber sizes often vary in size within the same cylinder head (at least in regular production of manufacturer's engine parts). But I also confirmed this when I was rebuilding my L81. I measured the chamber for the number 3 cylinder, and it varied from the #1 cylinder's combustion chamber size by about 1.5 CC's.

The link on the images is for my Live.com Sky Drive. Now that they stopped hosting the personal web sites, I had to reference my Sky Drive directly (if that is even possible). It could be that your security programs notice the unusually long address string, and classy it as suspicious, but they have a very aggressive algorithm that checks for malware. I never say never, but I would say unlikely. :D
Apr 29, 2001
Rio Rancho, NM
1981 HD Suspension; ZN1 Option
Just happened across this info.

Some helpful info, but, like all other such sources, is all of it accurate?
As in, where does the info originate?

Chevy Tech.Net

It was sent to me b Chevrolet years ago. It also came with another panflet filled with authorized restoration companies' info.

You are not thinking that typed all of that, did you :chuckle;squint:;):D:L

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