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Digital Cluster: Left side defective



I have an '86 coupe and the left side of the digital cluster has a problem. The analog numbers for the speedometer are so bright, the background washes out the numbers. The digital display is also washed out. I have no problem with the Tachometer side of the cluster nor with the various indicators for water temp, oil pressure, etc. I've had this problem since I bought the car used 3 months ago.
I kind of have a problem like this too, but mine is on the tachometer side: my tachometer jumps up and down, but only when I'm stopped in traffic or when the car is in park. It seems to run fine though and I'm not hearing any weird noises when it jumps.
Digi dashes

As far as the superbright condition is concerned
I assume this is true at night....
If so sometime normal style bulbs do a thing we call super nova... where the filament of the bulb shorts out a few turns and get's REALLY bright.

Replace the bulb

As far as the tach jumping
replace the tach filter ( A round metal can bolted to the top of the intake) follow the TACH lead off the distrib and that will take it right to it.


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