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Question: Do the C6 vettes play MP3 formatted ripped/burned CDs?


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Feb 27, 2010
Southern California
1974, 1990, 2008 Coupes
My neighbor has a yellow 07 vert with a Bose single CD player and Nav system (as does my 08). He said that at one time he was able to both play MP3 CDs but that it would keep them in memory after the CD was removed.

I don't have a MP3 to test it nor does it make sense to me that the whole CD would be stored. Can someone help me with first hand knowledge. When I google it, I see one guy saying that only multi-disk players and stereo equipped vettes are MP3 compatible... And on another thread a guy says it should work on all CD players as long as the song name plus .MP3 extension are under 32 characters. Nothing was said about holding music in on board memory.

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